Man in UAE Fined Dh2,50,000 For Threatening to Post Private Pictures of Woman

The Sharjah Sharia Court has ordered a man to pay Dh2,50,000 for sending treating a woman by defaming her through posting private pictures of her

Man in UAE Fined Dh2,50,000 For Threatening to Post Private Pictures of Woman

A woman filed a report against an Arab man, in Sharjah, Uniter Arab Emirates (UAE), expressing that he use to send her abusive messages and threatened to defame her by posting pictures of her that she has privately sent to him, using different social media platforms, during the course of their relationship.

Upon denying the man his demands, he began to threaten her with the same photos, warning her that if she she doesn't abide by his commands he would post her private pictures on social media, for the world to see.

When the matter was brought in The Sharjah Sharia Court, the man was found guilty on the charges of threatening the 29 year old woman and intent of defaming her. Lawyer of the victim, Eman Sabt, stated that her client,who also belongs to the Middle Eastern region, filed a report after she received abusive messages from the man who threatened to post her pictures of Facebook, at the same time abused her.

The Sharjah Sharia Court, after finding the accused guilty, ordered him to pay a heavy fine of Dh2,50,000.

The lawyer points out that the ruling was dictated on 22 September 2016, Thursday.

Although, there has been no news wether the woman had also been punished or if she too, had to pay a fine as according to the Sharia law, cohabitation (living without marriage) or having an intimate relationship without being married to the partner, too, is considered illegal according to the Sharia Law.

Although, laws in the UAE may seem rather stringent, but time and again these very laws have helped many receive the justice they deserve. Women's protection is given much importance, in the region.

Helping centres and helplines have been set up in the region to cater to the needs of women and children who face any kind of threat:

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children:

DFWAC.COM, Helpline DFWAC: 800-111, SMS: 5111 or Mail:

Shelter for Women and Children, Helpline: 800- 7283