Microsoft Surface Phone launch: Update on price and features

Microsoft launches it's new surface smart phone. Here is all that you need to know about Microsoft surface smart phone

Microsoft Surface Phone launch: Update on price and features

Microsoft has launched it's new surface smart phone and leaks reveal that this Microsoft smart phone comes with a fingerprint sensor and an AMOLED display. With the launch the company aims at increasing it's market share in smartphone segment.

The company hasn't yet officially disclosed about the prices, but there are rumours that the phones would be available at a price starting from $400.


As reported by a leading daily Microsoft has filed a patent for “fingerprint detection with transparent cover” and so tech followers believe that the new Microsoft surface phone would come with these features.

The new finger print scanner is said to provide additional security to it's users as these phones would be unlocked only when the user places his finger on the finger print panel and so no others would be able to unlock your phone. The Microsoft Surface Phone will unlock once the scanner scans the crests of the owner’s finger.

This new smart phone has a sleeker chassis and comes with an AMOLED display panel. Reports also suggests that the company has plans to make Microsoft Surface Phone available in two variants, one for the use of general consumer and the other for business consumer. The former would have a 5.5-inch screen while the latter has a 6-inch screen.

hardware, memory, software

This Microsoft Surface Phone would come along with an Intel Kaby Lake processor and this would enable heavy-duty performance. The Microsoft Surface Phone base model will have a 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage capacity. On the other hand the high - end model which has been designed for business consumer will feature an 8GB RAM and 512GB internal storage capacity.

Unique camera

The Microsoft Surface smart Phone will be running on Windows 10 and when the discussion comes to the camera front, this phone has a 21MP rear and 8MP front camera. Microsoft is planning to release this device in early 2017 at its technical event.