MNS chief Raj Thackeray against Bollywood actor Salman Khan supporting Pak artistes

"In a country of a billion, are you saying that there is no talent in India that can be promoted, that we have to borrow their artistes?" asked Raj Thackeray....
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) supremo Raj Thackeray came forward against Salman Khan’s support of Pak artists who said artists are not terrorists.
Talking to Times Now,  he shared his view on banning Pakistani artistes in Bollywood. Salman Khan on Thursday said that artist should not be compared with terrorists.  Salman who stood for peace between the rival nations saying that peace is the ideal situation, but as there happened to be an attack on India, for sure there would be some reaction.  He said that artists who entered into India with proper visas and work permissions are different from the terrorists who conducted Uri attack killing 18 Indian soldiers.
Salman’s statement has attracted various kinds of reactions over social networking sites.
“What we need to understand is that the soldiers who die defending our borders, it’s not that they have some personal enmity with Pakistan. And the bullets that hit them aren’t ‘filmi’ bullets. They’re real, unlike the ones Salman faces in his movies,” Thackeray exclaimed.
“Artistes don’t drop from the sky,” Thackeray told Times Now. “Even I’m an artiste.”
Soon after the Uri attack, MNS started to campaign against Pak artists in India and threatened all Pak actors and artists staying in India to leave the country within 48 hours, and they have warned that failing which they will be pushed out by MNS.  The party has asked director Karan Johar to not cooperate with Pak artist and asked him to cut all the scenes from his upcoming movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in which the Pak actor Fawad Khan appears. MNS raised the same demand with ‘Raees’ movie team to remove the scene of the Pak artist Mahira Khan. MNS has warned that they will not permit release of these movies unless their demand are met.
Salman Khan had earlier requested Raj Thackeray to loosen his stand on this and let the movies release peacefully. Meanwhile major cinema houses in Pakistan have stopped screening Indian films to express solidarity with the armed forces in the wake of India’s surgical attack across the line of control.
While responding to Times Now question, Thackeray said of the MNS’ eviction threats: “The ones who were asked to leave in 48 hours, they were first asked if they would condemn (the Uri attacks). It was only when they refused that they were asked to leave.”
“What if the soldiers at the borders tomorrow decide to lay down their arms and say they want to attend a Ghulam Ali concert. Are the soldiers our servants?” he asked.
“I am told many times that Pakistanis are nice people. What difference does that make? The only ones who come before us are the terrorists.”
“In a country of a billion, are you saying that there is no talent in India that can be promoted, that we have to borrow their artistes?” MNS leader concluded.