Narendra Modi warns Pakistan: Martyrdom of soldiers in Uri will not go in vain

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi said "India is proud of the sacrifices made by its soldiers and will remain grateful to them," and warned Pakistan that India will expose to the world Pakistan's role in exporting terrorism. He was speaking at the BJP national council meeting
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In his first public meeting after the deadly terrorist attack on the Army base at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned Pakistan that India will expose to the world Pakistan’s role in exporting terrorism, adding that those days are not far when Pakistan people will join the fight against terrorism on its soil.

“Pakistan leaders should know that sacrifice of soldiers will not go in vain.”

He was speaking at the BJP national council meeting at Kozhikode in Kerala on Saturday evening to mark the birth centenary celebrations of Deendayal Upadhayaya.

Modi said, India will not surrender to terrorists sent by Pakistan to perpetrate violence in the Kashmir valley.

“India is proud of the sacrifices made by its soldiers and will remain grateful to them,” said Modi.

“After 16 failed missions, terrorists finally struck in Uri, where our 18 soldiers attained martyrdom. During last few months, our neighbour had send terrorists 17 times across the LoC, but Indian army has killed 110 terrorists.”

“They, however, managed to strike the Army camp in Uri, but they cannot destroy the morale of the army or the will of 125-crore people of India, ” said Modi.

He paid homage to the army men who lost their lives in Kashmir, “The country is with its army to thwart any attempt by Pakistan-sponsored mercenaries.”

Modi mocked, while India is exporting software, Pakistan is exporting terrorism. He asked Pakistan’s people why this happens in their country.

India is ready to face any challenge from Pakistan. He added that rulers of Pakistan are fooling its own people by taking the name of Kashmir, forgetting the fact that Pakistan has become an unlawful land.

He reminded the people of Pakistan that why Pakistan has failed to run those territories under its control like Baluchistan, Gilgit, PoK, Sindh and Bangladesh.

He added, ” I want to remind you, that before 1947, your ancestors were part of India before partition.”

Pakistani leader said  they could fight for 1000 years, “Where are they now” singing praises of those terrorists, mocked Modi about the successful operations done by army recently in Kashmir.

All the Asian countries are working hard to make 21st century, a memorable Asia’s century,but Pakistan is promoting terrorism to thwart all these joint efforts by other nations.

“Either terrorists are from Pakistan or it harbours dreaded terrorists like Osama bin Laden on its soil, “‘ said Modi alleging Pakistan has emerged the global exporter of terrorism.

Terrorism is an enemy of entire humanity, India won’t surrender itself to terrorists. “Even nurses working abroad from Kerala were abducted by terrorists. Our government at Centre has taken measures to free them, “he said amid applause from the crowd.

He appealed Pakistan’s rulers to better fight to end poverty in both nations, death of new born babies and malnourished mothers.

In 21st century, BJP’s mission is to create an India free of poverty and full of equality and justice.

The council meeting was attended by 11 chief ministers, 25 cabinet ministers, including senior leaders, LK Advani, Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari.

Amit Shah said left in Kerala targeted BJP workers after coming to power. He said, BJP will respond to CPM in a democratic way and not through force.