Nawaz Sharif raises Kashmir 'killings' at UN, exposes Pak lie by praising terrorists

Nawaz Sharif Invokes Burhan Wani at UNGA eulogising militant activity in Kashmir and terming it 'an uprising' against India's what he calls illegal occupation of J&K.

Nawaz Sharif raises Kashmir

After getting snubbed twice earlier by the US and the UK as a result of the cowardly attack at the Indian Army base at Uri by militants proved to have been from Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif had the audacity to utter the K word at the United Nations General Assembly. He attempted to mislead the world by diverting the attention from the terrorist attack at Uri and shifting the focus to Kashmir, which he said was under the "illegal" occupation of India. It seems he confused India with Pakistan as parts of J&K are under illegal and forcible occupation of Pakistan.

Nawaz, in his 20-minute long speech, said Pakistan “fully supports the demand of the Kashmiri people for self-determination”. While he condemned terror perpetrators during the speech, he praised self-declared terrorist Burhan Wani, leader of Hizbul Mujahideen who was killed by security forces earlier, for becoming the face of the so-called uprising in Kashmir or the Kashmir Intifada. He demanded plebiscite in Kashmir but did not mention when Pakistan would vacate the illegally occupied areas of Kashmir. He expressed readiness for a “serious and sustained dialogue” with India for peaceful resolution of all outstanding disputes, especially Jammu and Kashmir.

He said Pakistan would share a dossier with the Secretary General providing evidence of “violations of human rights” in J&K by India. Meanwhile the Pakistan armed forces violate all kinds of human rights in Baluchistan and the Azad Kashmir. A simple video search on Youtube gives evidence of Pakistan's atrocities against people of these areas.

The Pakistan Prime Minister claimed that he had “gone the extra mile to achieve this, repeatedly offering a dialogue to address all outstanding issues but India has imposed unacceptable preconditions to engage in a dialogue. “India's only condition is an end to terrorism. Is this not acceptable (to Pakistan)," New Delhi asked while slamming Mr. Sharif for "glorifying Hizbul terrorist Burhan Wani".

Nawaz said, during his speech, Pakistan has been the principal victim of terrorism, including that supported, sponsored, financed from abroad. "We will not allow foreign forces to destabilise the development of Pakistan. Thousands of our soldiers have lost their lives in acts of terror." The prime minister of a highly unstable country, Pakistan, made the claim that "Pakistan is fully eligible for the membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group." He also demanded India to release all Kashmiri political prisoners and enter into a sustained dialogue.

"We can't win the war against terrorism so long as we do not address the root cause." He said Pakistan wants peace with India adding that as a responsible nuclear weapon state, Pakistan will cooperate with the International community and promote human rights.

Ahead of the speech, in New York protesters outside the UNGA from the Baloch National Movement gathered to expose the atrocities committed by the Pakistani Army in Balochistan.