Narada News Exclusive: NHRC confirms exodus of Hindus from Kairana

Most of the witnesses stated that many families migrated due to threats and an increase in crime and deterioration of law and order situation
Akhilesh Yadav : Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister
The Akhilesh Yadav government’s claim of `all is well’ in Kairana got a body blow as the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has confirmed in its inquiry the exodus  of people from Kairana following threats from criminals belonging to a particular community and has directed the state Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police to submit an action taken report within eight weeks.
 The NHRC launched the inquiry on a complaint of Supreme Court lawyer Monika Arora. The inquiry was carried out by a DIG rank officer. During the inquiry, the NHRC team visited different places in Kairana town, Shamli and Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, and Panipat in Haryana.
In its 20-point report on the charges of mass exodus and migration of a particular community from Kairana, the commission said it was correct that Guddi of Kashyap family was kidnapped on April 4, 2016, and was murdered by Kurban, Mohsin and others. The police did not lodge the complaint after she went missing, but did when her body was found.
 Besides, the police also framed two relatives of the victims along with the accused, despite protest from the family. The enquiry report said at least 24 witnesses stated that the youths belonging to particular community passed lewd remarks against the females of the Hindu community due to which they avoided going out. However, they could not gather the courage to report the matter to the police.
Most of the witnesses stated that many families migrated due to threats and an increase in crime and deterioration of law and order situation.
The police record revealed that both Shiv Charan and  Rajender (two businessmen) were threatened to pay protection money by notorious gangster  Mukeem Kala. Similarly, four other prominent businessmen of Kairana Market were terrorised by Kala, who had 47 heinous cases registered against him between 2010 and  2015.
Two petrol pumps of Hindustan Petroleum Company and of Indian Oil Company were shut down 8-10 years ago in Kairana due to non-payment of money by persons with a criminal background. In 2013, after rehabilitation of  about  30,000 Muslims in Kairana from Muzaffarnagar, the demography of Kairana town changed with the Muslims becoming the dominating community. This development further exacerbated the law and order situation.
 The inquiry team of the commission alleged that DM and SP of Shamli did not provide the requisite record to the NHRC team regarding the movement of the police force on different occasions including religious functions.
The recommendations made by the NHRC enquiry team are:
Grant of additional financial assistance of Rs 4 lakh each to the widows of the three deceased businessmen as proposed by DM of Shamli; Get at least one petrol pump in Kairana town opened in collaboration with a public sector firm, by providing foolproof security by the UP Police, to enable the people to lead normal daily life; Commissioner of Saharanpur and the DM of Shamli may be instructed to get regular meetings of the religious and political leaders organised by both the communities at sub-divisional and mohalla level to sort out their differences in an amicable manner.
The commission team has also demanded an impartial inquiry into all the crimes that led to the exodus of the people, besides holding a fair and impartial trial of Mukim Kala and his associates and Furkhan and his associates as there is apprehension that witnesses would not be able to depose against them due to fear.