Nigel Farage calls Hillary an awful candidate, says Trump will win

The former Ukip leader has not officially endorsed Donald Trump formally yet

Nigel Farage calls Hillary an awful candidate, says Trump will win

Former Ukip chief Nigel Farage claimed that the Brexit will influence this time US election, helping Donald Trump to make an easy way to his election win.

In an interview given to Reuters, Farage said: “I think Brexit is the first kickback against the establishment. It’s not a British event, it’s not a European event. It’s a global event and I think it has implications for every Western democracy. In the case of America – absolutely.”

“I now strongly think Trump will win,” added Farage who engineered the UK’s exit from European Union.

Farage was one of the leaders who predicted an easy win for Trump, urging Republicans to ''get your walking boots on" to support their presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Being a key figurehead for the British exit from the EU in 2016, Farage was successful in turning the dissatisfaction of UK voters into a political force. Following Brexit, Trump has tried to align himself with the movement, saying he had supported the move.

The former Ukip leader has not officially endorsed Trump formally yet, but attended a Trump rally last month in Jackson, Mississippi. Talikng at the rally, Farage had said he would not vote for Hillary Clinton even if she pays him.

He cheered the Republicans saying he has "message of hope and optimism" for the Republican Party.

Trump who supported UK's exit from Brexit, said "They will soon be calling me Mr Brexit."

Meanwhile, talking at the Fox’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, Farage said he finds Hillary Clinton as the worst candidate he’s ever seen.

As reported by the Guardian, Farage said: “I was always told that it was a very good thing in life to be judged by your enemies, and if Mrs. Clinton is now my avowed, sworn enemy, I must be getting something right.”

The 58th US presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016.