Emmy's nominees attend pre-award Hollywood party

The biggest television award function is hours away and the party has already begun


Nominees of the Emmy Awards, which is one of the biggest television award ceremonies, have headed towards west Hollywood to party before the grand day.

With the Emmy'a a few hours away, tensions are surely high but so is the spirit of celebrating. The finest stars of the small screen walked the red carpet today at a party in west Hollywood to pay their respects to all the those who made it to the nominees. This party is a reminder to all those present there, that irrespective of the results, each an every one in the party is a winner to have made it this far in life.

Actress Regina King said: "It feels good when you know you're in a race with people who have put in the work and are a part of something special".

Dough, from the television series House of Cards, said he was still in disbelief. "No, I didn't know anybody was going to see it. Netflix was where you got your DVDs. When we started, I didn't know anyone was ever going to see the show, and now look, Netflix is running the world,".

Anthony Anderson, who is both an actor and a comedian, said: "To be here, to be nominated, to have the show nominated...just a wonderful time for us and all involved,".

And while some were at the party to celebrate their success, there were others who seemed to find opportunities even at an event which was conducted for people to leave their work at their work place and enjoy a few moments of fun.

Actor RuPaul said "go to these parties to look for my next job, actually." He even asked the reporters if they knew of any new role openings.

The fans can watch Emmy Awards live on Sunday. The award ceremony will be aired on ABC channel.