Now, get driving licence online in Sharjah

Good news! Payments or issue of licences in person will not be received by Sharjah Police anymore.

Now, get driving licence online in Sharjah

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Now, getting your driver’s licence has become pretty easy in Sharjah.

Sharjah Police issued a statement where the motorists will be receiving their driver’s licence without the need to visit the Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department.

Effective from September 18, these new rules mean: Once the motorists pass their final road test, they will have to log on to to obtain their licence which is the Ministry of Interior’s website. The payment transaction would be required before motorists expect their driver's licence by courier.

The ministry’s smart app will be held responsible for processing all the electronic related methodology. This will result in the Traffic and Licensing Department not to receive any payments.

An official at Sharjah Police stated, “Driving licences will now only be issued online and will not be handed over to motorists in person.” who also presented the new e-services launch in order to ease the process of acquiring licences.
Moreover, the ministry of interior’s application will now be available on mobile phones to download.