Pakistan made operational plan ready, targets identified in India

The news report claimed Pak defence force has selected targets in India in case its neighbour decides to move first

Pakistan made operational plan ready, targets identified in India

Pakistani military forces have reportedly made an operational plan ready in case if India decides to launch military strikes first says a report.

According to a report published by Pakistan-based The News International, the Pakistani defence force has even hand-picked selective targets in India to give an immediate response.

Quoting defence sources, the news report stated: “Pakistan is fully prepared to meet any military challenge from India. Our operational plan is ready, quid pro quo targets are finalised and forces have been dedicated.”

The sources also added that India is well aware about the capabilities of Pakistan and the military balance the country maintains to meet any challenge from across the border.

When asked about India’s reported preparations under the Cold Start war doctrine, a defense source said: “Whether it is a Cold Start or hot pursuit, we are ready,” reports The News International.

The recent terror attack on Indian Army’s Uri base in Kashmir has triggered the tension between long-time rivals India and Pakistan in South Asia.

Being well aware about Pakistan’s military capabilities and knowing how effectively Pakistan could respond, India would not probably beyond the war hysteria it had created, a source of The News International also claimed.

Pointing to the first hand evidences, The Indian Army has said four militants who carried out of the deadliest attack belonged to the the dreaded Jaish-e-Mohammad militant outfit based in Pakistan. However, rejecting India’s allegations, Pakistan has denied its involvement in the attack saying all claims are totally baseless and irresponsible.

The News International also stated that many in Pakistan believe that recent Uri attack was Pathankot-like Indian false flag operation. The news report even claimed that these are part of India’s efforts aimed at targeting Pakistan as recently Pakistan highlighted the Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir on the global arena.