Photo feature: The Changing Landmarks of Dubai

Here are snap shots of the biggest skyscrapers in Dubai. They tell the transformation of the city and how Dubai has come a long way to become world's biggest tourist hub

Photo feature: The Changing Landmarks of Dubai

A city that sprung out of desert over a matter of few nights has many stories to tell. From the land of  bedouins to one of the smartest cities of the world, Dubai has come a long way.

One needs no proof but just a mere look at the development of the infrastructure to understand the changes that Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has gone through.

Here are some of the buildings that became a landmark of the city and how they changed its image, one brick at a time.

1. World Trade Centre 

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, a business tower built by His Royal Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum in 1978. This 39 storey complex consists of eight exhibition halls and even after 38 years of standing tall, and new buildings emerging every day at every nook and corner of Dubai, World Trade Centre still hosts some of the city's biggest events. Let's just say, when there was nothing in Dubai, there was World Trade Centre. Therefore, this legend of a building will always be an important landmark of the city.


001_Old DWTC 2_JPG



2. Toyota Building

Built in 1974, even before the construction of World Trade Centre, the Toyota building consists of residential apartments. Perhaps, one of the very first residential buildings that were constructed in Dubai. Although the actual name of the building is Nasser Rashid Lootah Building, for many years it is known amongst the Dubai residents as the Toyota building. Although there have been plans of demolishing and remodelling the building, but considering that most apartments in the building are occupied and that it has a heritage value the building still holds its ground while everything around it is developing into a new Dubai. It was recently whitewashed.


3. Etisalat Tower 

Located by Dubai Creek, when it was first built in 1992, the 100 meter, 17-storey, Etisalat Tower was the fourth tallest building of Dubai. It was later named Etisalat Tower 1 when the construction of the second building commenced.

Etisalat Tower 1 along the Dubai Creek or Khor Dubai, United Arab Emirates

4. Burj Al Arab 

This building needs no introduction. It speaks for itself. Every things about Burj Al Arab, right from its construction to its operation, has been nothing but grand. Built on a man-made island in , which is only home to Burj Al Arab itself, this building in a shape of a sail, marked Dubai's modern era. It is still one of the most exotic hotels in the world.


5. Emirates Towers

Completed in 2000, Emirates Towers was one of Dubai's first buildings that was embedded into the famous skyline. These formed Dubai's identity of a place of luxury as well as a developing business hub.


6. Burj Khalifa

The worlds tallest building. This building put Dubai on the world map, like never before. It became the very identity of the Emirate ever since its construction began in 2004. It was originally going to be named Burj Dubai but during its inauguration in 2010 it acquired the name Burj Khalifa. It played an essential role in boosting Dubai's tourism. Before, had anyone been asked if they knew of Dubai, they would have thought of a desert but today the first thing that occurs to them when Dubai is addressed, it is Burj Khalifa.


7. Cayan Towers

Famously known as the Infinity building, it is one of the tallest buildings now in the world, standing 306-metre-tall with 73-stories.


Photo Credit: Nick Photography