Rapper of the Song “Panda” Desiigner Arrested for Drug and Loaded Gun Charges

New York Police arrested the singer of "Panda" after he pointed a gun at another driver at the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan, he was also found possessing drugs in his car

The singer who rose to fame this year, after the release of his chart busting song, Panda, has been arrested by the New York Police on Thursday night. The arrest was followed by Sidney Selby’s, the rapper famously known as Desiigner, act of misconduct. While he was passing through the Lincoln Tunnel on Thursday in his Range Rover, he waved a handgun towards another passing by driver.



When the police received the report, they caught him a few block away from the tunnel in Manhattan. Upon stopping the vehicle at East 42nd Street and 3rd Avenue, the New York police got hold of the 19 year old rapper, Desiigner but that was not the end of his nightmare. Along with a loaded gun, the police also found drugs in the Range Rover from which Selby escorted. These drugs were soon identified as  Oxycontin. According the reports the car needed no searching as the drugs were kept in plain eye-sight.


Authorities have also confirmed that Sidney was not the only one in the White Range Rover. The rapper who had signed Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, was seen along with four other friends at the time a complaint was filed against Desiigner as he pointed a loaded gun at another driver. All those who were present in the 4×4 white vehicle with Sindey Selby have been arrested and have been charged with relevant articles of drugs, acquiring a loaded gun and with intent to sell drugs.

No news of him has been received from his side, his cellphone is out of reach and his PR team as well, are keeping their lips sealed as of now. Neither has there been much revealed by the authorities as to what is going to follow and if Desiigner will be facing some jail time for his road rage and for possession of drugs.