Reasons behind back pain and how to easily fix it

The causes of lower back pain are very common and more to do with the way we treat our bodies

Reasons behind back pain and how to easily fix it

Lower back pain is a very common problem faced by people these days. Those who have sedentary jobs are more affected than those who have field jobs. But the causes of lower back pain are very common and more to do with the way we treat our bodies. Only if you are a little careful, you wont have this problem.

Following are the reasons why people have lower back pain:

Poor sitting posture

Sitting in a slouched position or spending long hours in front of the computer can lead to pain in lower back. This is because not sitting properly puts more pressure on the disc and may also lead to slip disc. This in turn will cause more pain as the slipped disc will press against the nerve root hurting it.

Lack of exercise

Many people don’t realise it but lack of physical exercise is one of the reason of lower back pain. Exercise strengthens the muscles and tones the abdominal area but lack of it leads to weak and inactive muscles with poor abdominal tone. This puts more pressure on the back leading to lower back pain.

Improper lifting

When you want to lift something from the ground, you must bend at your knees for it. Bending your back without bending at the knees is a very common mistake people make and it leads to lower back pain. Also one must not lift very heavy objects as it puts extra strain on the back.


Studies have shown that people prone to depression and anxiety appear to have a greater risk of back pain. So keep yourself stress-free.


Studies have shown that smoking keeps your body from delivering enough nutrients to the discs in your back thereby increasing your risk of lower back pain.

Degeneration of bone: Lower back pain is more common in older people as the bones start degenerating and hence their strength is decreased.

Simple remedies for reducing back pain

Keep calm and happy

Modern day life has many stresses but try not to let these unduly affect you. Indulge in activities that make you happy like talking to friends, walking the dog, playing with kids, chatting with parents/siblings/relatives.

Exercise and meditate

Aerobic exercises and meditation both help keep your mind cool and calm. In addition exercises release endorphins, the happy hormones that lift the mood. So chuck your chair and bed and get out. If nothing, at least walk for an hour and see the result it has on your mind and body.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is as important as work is. Studies have shown that about most people who suffer from insomnia also suffer from chronic back pain.

Hot and Cold Compressions

Both cold and hot packs reduce the pain. While cold packs reduce inflammation and work as local anesthetic heat therapy stimulates blood flow (thus providing nutrients to the affected part) and inhibits pain messages being sent to brain.