Reliance Jio: only 1 SIM for 8 users, 50 days long-wait to get it

Reliance Jio offer has opened up a Pandora's box for company, as only 150 Sims issued while 4,600 people applied
Mukesh Ambani , the Chairman of Reliance Industries

The Reliance Jio has created a great buzz in India when its CMD Mukesh Ambani offered an attractive free unlimited 4G data till December 31 and unlimited free voice calls and messages. Reliance said the offer will start from September 5 and users can get a free SIM from Reliance Digital, Reliance Digital Xpress, and Reliance Digital Xpress mini stores.

Registerations are currently going on and the scheme is currently flooded by people. Reports suggest that more people than registering everyday at Reliance telecom outlets than expected.

Around 4,600 people have already registered till September 9, and more people are rushing into reliance stores every minute. As reported in a leading English daily 150 sims were made available on the first day of launch. It opens Pandora’s box for company, as only 150 Sims issued while 4,600 people applied.

So, it means about eight people per SIM, and that also means that there is only a distant chance of everyone getting a SIM by September 9. This hard-checked reality actually spoils the promise of Mukesh Ambani when he announced that Reliance Jio 4G SIMs will be available to all from September 5.

Relince made it also clear that applicants need to have 4G-compatible phone. To reach it to all, they need to speed up the registration process. A customer said, at an outlet that issuing only 150 SIMs in a day would not help.

Reliance registers users through eKYC process in New Delhi and Mumbai, which is still faster than paper forms.

India Today online reported that Indians obsession for anything that comes free (that too a 4G) has been driving people en masse to register.

It quoted response from a student which explains the reason for the mad rush: “I just need to write down the name, for free. When there will be a SIM they’ll call me, for free. Even if I get it in November, I’ll still have one month to use free internet. What’s the harm!”

Lets hope that Reliance won’t repeat the debacle by Freedom 251 company…