Samsung launches Smartwatches Gear S3 in Frontier and Classic Variety

If the previous designs and models of Samsung Gear Smartwatches were not something you liked, Samsung has gone out of the way to launch something different this time

Samsung launches Smartwatches Gear S3 in Frontier and Classic Variety

Samsung has launched its seventh line of smartwatches, Samsung Gear S3, on 1 September 2016. The smartwatches are available in two unique styles the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. With designs resembling chronographic and military watches, these Gear S3s are embedded with all the key functions that the Samsung smartphones have.

Making and answering calls, watching videos, tracking time, distance and hight, keeping a tab on your health and the environment around you, with gyrscope, on-board accelerometer and barometer. These watches are also waterproof and from the looks of the trailer one can customise the digital dial of the watches. With a screen of 1.3 inches and resistant Gorilla Glass SR+, these gadgets are one of Samsung's best launch of Smartwatches.

This is not the end of the list, Samsung Gear 3 has 4Gb of internal memory storage, 786MB of RAM, it comes with Exynos 7270 Dual 1.07 GHz chipset and it has an inbuilt, standalone GPS radio. All of these features with 380mAh batteries.

While Gear S3 frontier is available in a black case with options of black or red straps, Gear S3 Classic has a silver body case with a basic black theme. Rather than looking digital they have a sophisticated look of the good-old wrist watches, which would be preferred by the masses as apposed to wearing something technically fancy, around the wrist.

Although, there are slight issues being reported with the specs and other features of the Samsung Gear S3, not much has grabbed the attention regarding the flaws of these two new launches. These smartwatches should prove sufficient for business men, considering that they allow you to work and operate conveniently, without much of a hassle. Nonetheless, it seems like a helpful gadget for sports players and those who love extreme adventures, as the trailer showcases.

On the other hand, Apple has said nothing in favour of its smartwatches. Apparently, these new smartwatches introduced by the rival company, do not have much effect on the demand and supply of Apple products.