'Saturday Night Live': Alec Baldwin to play Donald Trump this week

Donald Trump is the first candidate made from hate,� Baldwin said, before making his debut of US presidential candidate in his week's 'Saturday Night Live'

NBC roped in Alec Baldwin to play US presidential candidate Donald Trump on its famous show "Saturday Night Live".

Baldwin, the 30 Rock star is popular for playing guest roles in "SNL" shows, will finally make his much-awaited impression of Donald Trump this Saturday.

Watch ABC news on Baldwin's new role:

The show will mark the 42nd season of the popular NBC comedy show. NBC already came with a promo showing how the actor putting on a wig, fake eyebrows and make up to play Trump's role.

Baldwin recently told British Newspaper Telegraph about the maverick personality of Trump and his "hate-filled rhetoric”.

"Now we have Trump, who’s built from the DNA of intolerance and suspicion and all the other bad things that have been brewing in this country for the last 25 years. He’s the first candidate made from hate,” Baldwin said.

The cast of the SNL have attended the Monday's presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

A member of the show's cast told, Trump is very special, and the comedians “have a moral obligation” to focus on the mysterious and dark characters of his Trump’s personality and his candidacy. “Donald Trump is not a normal candidate. This is not Mitt Romney, not John McCain. This is a man who has trafficked in racism, sexism and bigotry.”

Mr Trump, had been portrayed on SNL earlier by its announcer Darrell Hammond and later by Taran Killam.
On one occasion, Trump himself appeared on the show during last November, which stirred up a controversy with SNL receiving several calls from anti-Trump camp.

They demanded NBC to "Dump Trump" due to his racially prejudiced speeches on African Americans and Hispanics.
Now, SNL is running a show ridiculing Democrat Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

Earlier Hollywood actors Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, and Jimmy Fallon also impersonated Trump on TV shows.
Larry David played Hillary major rival in Democratic Party Bernie Sanders during last season.