Snapchat Introduces Video Recording Spectacles

Being just a social media application isn't enough for Snapchat as it tries new water and launches glasses with features of recording video

The one feature that was unique to Snapchat was updating friends about your whereabouts, on the go, through Snapchat stories but, that feature, too has been covered by Instagram now and Facebook has live video recording. So what does Snapchat have, that any other social media doesn’t? Well, there isn’t much really.

For the same reason or for others, unknown, Snapchat has decided to rebrand into ‘Snap Inc’ and take a leap into the industry of hardware by launching video making spectacles worth $129.99.

Snapchat glasses

Snapchat glasses

The rebranding was done to make clear to the audience that Snap Inc is no more a mere social media company. The CEO of the company and its cofounder, Evan Spiegel, has said that these spectacles, that they have been experimenting on since 2015, will initially go on sale in a limited quantity, to check the market’s response to their new product.

In a recent statement that they released Snapchat, now known as Snap Inc, described their product as “the best way to make memories … hands-free, with the simple tap of a button.”

Snap inc CEO

The cameras, which are located at the left corner of the frames, on these spectacles, have a field view of 115 degrees. This field view is greater than any smart phone camera’s lens.

In their blog post, Snap Inc said “Imagine one of your favorite memories. What if you could go back and see that memory the way you experienced it? That’s why we built Spectacles,”

A similar effort had been made by Google, when they launched Google glasses, but their attempt did not receive much positive response. Rather, Google Glasses were criticized to a certain extent. How the consumers are going to respond to Snap Inc’s video making spectacles is yet to be established.