Sony previews prototypes of Xperia Projector, Xperia Ear At IFA Berlin

Sony has previewed prototypes of Xperia gadgets like Xperia Projector, Xperia Ear and Xperia Agent that can recognize our voice and gestures.

xperia agent


Sony has decided to take Xperia brand beyond smartphone and previewed some of its prototype gadgets like Xperia Projector, Xperia Ear and Xperia Agent at the IFA trade show in Berlin on 1 September 2016.

Not all of them might make it to manufacturing, but those on display would be fully working prototypes with hardware and software stable enough and the company allowed a reporter to test them.

Xperia Projector

xperia projector

Xperia Projector is an Android – based computer with a short throw – projector in a single box. The projector captures screen image and sends it onto a nearby tabletop or wall and users can use or interact with the projected image using their fingers.

An infrared sensor that has been installed in the device watches the movement of our fingers and figures out where users are touching on the projected screen. You can play games, browse and even watch YouTube videos without any delay.

Xperia Ear


Xperia Ear looks like a blue tooth earpiece, but you need not have to talk to Xperia ear. Sensors in this earpiece can detect your movements, like  nodding or shaking your head in a response to a computerized voice. It will ask the users, and if you make an appropriate movement the sensors will understand what you want it to do and would do accordingly. Your head movements should be neat and clear so that it receives the proper command.

Xperia Agent

xperia agent

In fact the Xperia Agent is the most high-tech of all prototype gadget by Sony. It is a half-robot version of the intelligent agent in systems like Amazon’s Echo. As this is a half – robotic version you may ask the Xperia Agent to place a phone call or to manage your calendar or to take care of communications with home gadgets that are connected to it and the best part is that all this could be done through voice control.