Sony Xperia XZ, Huawei Nova and Nova Plus unveiled At IFA, Berlin

Leading Smartphone manufacturers Sony and Huawei unveiled new Sony Xperia XZ, Huawei Nova and Nova Plus at 2016 IFA, Berlin.

Sony Xperia XZ, Huawei Nova and Nova Plus unveiled At IFA, Berlin

During the 2016 IFA, Berlin Sony announced its new flagship Xperia XZ, having released it's previous flagship series Xperia X, just six months ago. On the other hand, the Chinese smartphone company Huawei launched two new Nova smartphones Nova and Nova plus.

The name by itself suggests that it is a combination of Xperia X and Z into a single smartphone. By retaining Xperia's now-iconic candy bar design, the new model has a curved feel so that the entire surface of the phone feels like one whole seamless piece.

This new phone's inside is similar to Xperia X, sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip and 3GB RAM. Xperia XZ has an upgrade on it's camera, which now comes with three different sensors. Its 23-megapixel sensor is comes along with a laser auto focus sensor and a red, green, blue, clear and infrared (RGBC-IR) sensor which provides more accurate white balance.

Sony has confirmed that the Xperia XZ has a smoother, faster auto focus reaction time compared to Xperia X, with pictures turning out to be more clear and sharp. The Xperia X series also saw the addition of Xperia X Compact, a 4.6-inch version of Xperia X.

Huawei's Nova is a base model in the series with a 5-inch full-HD screen, while Nova plus comes with a 5.5-inch screen and a bigger battery. Though both these phones have minor differences in their look, they have the same interiors. They come with a Snapdragon 625 processor, 32GB on board storage and 3GB RAM.

The Nova has a 12-megapixel camera which reminds us of the Nexus 6P phone that was manufactured by Huawei, but the Nova's camera is flush with the back of the phone and not protruding. The phone is thin, slim and very light.

Moreover, Nova Plus is a premium model with a brushed Aluminium body. It's 16-megapixel camera comes with anti-shake image optimisation, which helps to click perfect shots, even while walking.

Sony has not yet released details regarding the price and launch date of their phones, but the project is expected to be launched next month. Huawei also has not announced the date of launch of  Nova which has been priced at €399 (S$600), while Plus comes at €499.