Spectacular updated features of upcoming Apple watch 2

Apple Watch Series 2 also comes with watchOS 3, which includes many new software features. Apple has also slightly updated the original Apple Watch, rebranding it as the Apple Watch Series 1, and giving it a dual-core processor (on the new S1P chip.

Spectacular updated features of upcoming Apple watch 2

Apps are much better on watchOS 2. Previously, every time you tapped a button, a signal was sent to your phone, which would send signals back to your Watch to update the screen. As you can imagine, this was slow and laggy. All of that is now being done inside the Watch, so apps that have been updated for watchOS 2 should be much faster.

Apps also have new features, like use of the accelerometer and heartbeat sensor, the Digital Crown, and Taptic Engine, the ability to start workout-style sessions and log health information, and even the ability to play video and audio. They can now create complications (little widgets, like sunrise/sunset or the calendar) that you can put on your watch face.

Speaking of your watch face, a new feature called Time Travel allows you to turn the Digital Crown to wind time backwards and forwards. When you do, the complications change with it, so you can see what your next appointment is, what time 9:30 was in New York, or whether it's forecasted to rain tonight. Third-party apps can do this, too. There are new watch faces as well, including a Photo face that you can use to put your own photos on your wrist.

And when you plug your Watch in to charge at night, it can keep doing something useful. Stand your Watch up on its side, Digital Crown side up, and it'll show the time in large green letters, to replace your alarm clock

watchOS 3 :- Apple Watch 2 comes with watchOS 3 out of the box, which includes, instant app launching, a new dock, faster switching between watch faces, enhanced messaging features, activity sharing, the Breathe mindfulness app, and so on. Moreover, a surprising feature is that Apple Watch 2 is
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IT'S MORE DURABLE…:- The Apple Watch 2 offers enhanced water-resistance and can be submerged up to 50 metres, making it suitable for a range of water-related activities including swimming and surfing. There's some serious design wizardry going on with Apple saying that the Watch 2's speakers have been engineered to expel water from the wearable once it's taken out of realms aquatic.

AND MORE POWERFUL :- The new SiP chip powering the Apple Watch 2 features a dual-core processor that's up to 50% faster than the original engine, according to Apple, as well as packing a fresh GPU.

BUILT-IN GPS IS HERE :- As widely expected, Apple has added GPS to the Apple Watch Series 2. So no need to lug your iPhone when you need to go out for a jog.

THERE'S MORE STYLES :- As well as the familiar aluminium and stainless steel finishes, the Apple Watch 2 will also come available in a new material. That would be the new white ceramic flavour, which Apple claims four times harder than stainless steel.There's also some additional luxury Hermes models coming to market, including a new double-buckle strap, plus a special edition Nike+ edition which features a perforated "breathable" strap that could be a hit with athletes.

THE DISPLAY :- The Apple Watch Series 2 sports a new display that Apple claims is twice as bright as the previous model at 1,000 nits.