Suffer from low libido? Find out how to boost sex life…

Your lowdown in lust may because of the high empathy element in you, no need to lower that! But there is always a pattern to balance everything

There are umpteen reasons that haunting you in every single minute and eventually one or another makes you feel numb and effects your productivity. So ironically you suffer more by some simple incidents!

Having good sex drive related to all these troubles, so its time to pamper yourself up by some cheeky cheezy methods!

No one is actually really sure whether food has libido enhancing effects, but since there is nothing to lose..


Ginseng root is used in the treatment of many ailments but what can ginseng do for your sex life? In an extensive study on aphrodisiac foods, ginseng won hands down, appearing to improve  overall sex drive and performance


Some refer to garlic as a ‘super food’ because of the many health benefits packed in a small bulb. Garlic is also thought to improve sexual stamina because it is high in the compound allicin, which increases blood flow and dilates blood vessels.


The expensive red threaded herb saffron, contains antioxidants. Those are believed to be responsible for increasing sexual desire and arousal. According to studies blood flow to sexual organs increases after consuming the spice.


Some say oysters are good for your libido because of their slippery texture and their suggestive shape. However a lot of shellfish are high in zinc, an essential compound for the production of testosterone which may explain the libido link more. Crab, oysters, mussels and clams are top choices for Valentine’s.


The red watery fruit has ingredients that deliver Viagra-like effects to blood vessels and may even increase libido. Watermelon helps improve blood flow to the tissue of men and women responsible for increasing arousal. Ensure a watermelon or two makes it onto the grocery list!

Your lowdown in lust may because of the high empathy element in you, no need to lower that! but there is always a pattern to balance everythin!

Follow this simple methods!

  • Plan more date nights
  • change your birth control pill
  • dress in red
  • have wine with your partner 
  • set your room up for romance
  • Add sex to your to dos
  • Use a lubricant
  • de-stress yourself