This is the reason why Apple has lost 1.5 million users to Android

In US market alone about 6 percent of current iPhone users may switch to Android, says a study that claims Apple will lose more than 1.5 million users to Android.

This is the reason why Apple has lost 1.5 million users to Android

Despite Apple still remaining a hot favorite in Smartphone market, customers interest is waning for iphones, especially for its much-hyped iphone-7 to be relesed on September 7.

Andrew Ribner, Research Director of Fluent, said “Compared with when the iPhone hit the market ten years ago, the iPhone is now rather undifferentiated from other brands,” echoing Fluent’s study that 53% customers feel they are same as any other identically priced phones.

The research found that 70 % customers feel  iPhones are very costly and another 29%  are of the view that their iPhones are superior to other other costly smartphones.

Fluent, an IDI firm predicts that 29 % percent of current iPhone users in US may be buying a new smartphone. About 87 % users who make up 21.8 million, are likely to favor Apple only, but an astonishing figure of 6 % will move to Android, says the study.

It underlines in the US alone, 21.8 million users, i.e; 6 percent will switch to Android. This suggests that around 1.5 million US iPhone users will be making this move to Android.

A recent study by a Fluent, also revealed that in 2016 over 3.91 million Android users may adopt Apple’s new iPhone.

About 198.5 million US citizens have a smartphone and about 52.8 percent of them have Android while about 43.6 percent prefer iPhones, says a study by ComScore figures of this year.

The study also reveals, for every iPhone customer user abandoning it, more than two Android users move to iPhone, indicating popularity for Apple.

This study claims that there will be 25 million new iPhones in US market alone in coming  12-months. Going by this Apple is likely to perform well, but not a record breaking one for the coming year.

But, Apple is also facing customers lack of interest to iPhone 7.  Fluent, reported that only 3 out of 10 iPhone customers users (31%) think its new model will be a great gadget.

Only 28% felt new models are going to be a big improvisation. About 56% feel it should have waterproofing properties, while 63% of users said absence of headphone jack will be a drawback.

3 Users out of 5 (59%) said iPhones are superior than other smart phones.