This quintessential features of Reliance Jio will be the game changer in Indian communication market

Difference between Airtel 4G and Jio 4G is similar to the difference between buying a return ticket to a destination and buying a holiday package for the same destination.

Why Jio will revolutionize Indian communication market?

First of all everybody getting free high quality data pack with cheaper rate and all can have a roller coaster ride of keep on talking somehow free with this Data offer. We just need to compare what happened to texting after this data oriented chat service! As a carpet bombing offer you’re getting Unlimited call offer, Unlimited video call offer, Unlimited data! So they gonna trash all of them who are just giving some teasing tips to customers!

With addition to Jio LYF, there are umpteen options that reliance gonna make happen

Some of the other digital services Reliance Jio is expected to launch include:
– Music streaming service Jio Beats.
– Live TV & catch-up TV service Jio Play.
– Video on demand service Jio On-demand.
– Online newspaper service Jio News that claims to allow users read hundreds of traditional newspapers across different languages and editions.
– Online magazine service Jio Mags.
– A friends locator app Jio Friends.

Largest fiber optic network in India

They have laid 250,000+ KMs of high quality fiber optic cable and have installed over 90,000 eco-friendly 4G towers. And, Jio is using cables of 288 fibers or 96 fibers in most places while other players have cables with only 12-24 fibers. More fibers means, they will have more bandwidth and more speed.

Only company to have 4G spectrum in all zones

So by this way all will be connected! JIO won spectrum in all 22 zones of India during 2010 auctions and they were building their network infrastructure till now.  Jio has the capability of providing 4G services in all 22 circles, Bharti Airtel can provide it in 15, Idea in 10 and Vodafone in 8 circles. So, they are the only company which can give 4G all over India. So technically everybody will get everything! The bridge between Bharath and India won’t be there as not even a water mark!

Disruptive Pricing

The best way for Jio to attract maximum users is to provide plans which are much cheaper than other players. And, since they have a new empty network designed to handle millions of users, they will be able to provide unbelievable promotional plans atleast for the first 2 years.

When you invest a gigantic amount of One Lakh Crore in one particular project can you imagine size of the project? Or any idea related to it ?

See Reliance Jio isnt an easy project & RIL had to invest a lot for modifications & FO Cable layouts, BTS & MCNs. This is done to meet the competition (Reliance sets its own competition – Monopoly, targetting those tariff plans which cannot be achieved by any other service providers-be rest assured the prices are cheaper than 3gs lol)

It is first creating an ecosystem of 4G handsets ( through its huge retail system already in place) so that on launch it has enough takers.

Listing some ways how it is going to change our lives:

  1. HD quality voice calling
  2. Super fast internet even while being on a call just like wifi network.
  3. Apps for watching live TV, reading daily news papers, reading magazines that you could as well store on your mobile, watch loads of movies. So many apps that help bring about the transformation
  4. Forget carrying your wallet, Jio Money is all you need. 
  5. Tariff plans : Ever heard of a Rs.200/- sim card that would offer 75GB 4G VoLTE data and 4500 minutes talk time! Forget Airtel, no one in the  market would offer you this.

So in a nutshell since its planning to revolutionize the way we live its only fair if it takes some time to prepare

So by all these means, Lets have a comparison between the competitors of 4G market 

What is the difference in 4G reliance and 4G Airtel?

To Simply answer the question Reliance Jio will be providing much cheaper data when compared to Airtel.
To be accurate Reliance will be charging for the actual speed where Airtel charges over the speed.
One must know 4G is different from LTE (Long Term Evolution of 4G) which is sensibly slower than the actual 4G speed.
The Service providers are actually fooling us by providing LTE connection in the name of 4G ( Still LTE is faster than 3G). You can see the details if you read the T&C while getting a 4G Connection/ at the description of any feasible handsets.

Difference between Airtel 4G and Jio 4G is similar to the difference between buying a return ticket to a destination and buying a holiday package for the same destination.

While Airtel offers you a 4G speeds, Jio would offer you an entire eco-system built around the high speed 4G VoLTE network that is bound to bring about enormous transformation into all our lives once it hits the markets.

  • Airtel 4G uses 2300 MHz spectrum for BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) in 15 telecom circles of India (out of 22 circles) , though Airtel has also bought 97 MHz spectrum in the 1800 MHz band, While, Reliance holds the license for 2300 MHz spectrum all over the country plus, 800 MHz spectrum in 10 circles and 1800 MHz spectrum in 6 circles for all kinds of services. Keep in mind the fact, that 1800 MHz band is one of the most popular bands for deploying LTE services across the world, due to considerable advantages over 2300 MHz band. Around 44% of global 4G networks are deployed over 1800 MHz spectrum.

So the real question is, can you feel a difference between 4G and LTE networks? Is the speed of loading a page or downloading an app on your handheld a lot faster if you have LTE technology built in? Probably not. While the difference between slower 3G networks and new 4G or LTE networks is certainly noticeably faster, most of the 4G and “true 4G” networks have upload and download speeds that are almost identical. For now, LTE is the fastest connection available for wireless networks.

Verdict :

To be accurate Reliance will be charging for the actual speed where Airtel charges over the speed

Another question is that what will happen to this 3 months free service of Jio?; according to market buzz the scenarios are pretty clear about this as well . That reliance jio will keep rates lower for heavy data users, like 20 rupees per GB but you need to buy 75 GB data. For lower denomination like 1 GB or so rates would be similar to existing players.That way reliance strategy would be to change Small data consumer to medium one and medium to heavy data user. Heavy data user will prefer jio as their existing service provider may match price but not speed. Ultimately the speed of net which is going to be game changer.