Tom Hanks gatecrashes into a wedding photo shoot at Central Park

It wasn't just a plane that Tom Hanks almost crashed and then saved in the movie Sully, he recently crashed into a wedding photoshoot at Central Park and later became the highlight of the couple's wedding...

Tom Hanks gatecrashes into a wedding photo shoot at Central Park

Saturday was surely an unforgettable day for Elisabeth and Ryan as it was the day of their wedding. For Tom Hanks, it was a normal day as he was just carrying on with his morning jog. But the couple's wedding day became even special when the Hollywood actor and the newly-wed couple ended up bumping into each other at Central Park.

Yes, that's right, after being accused of crashing a plane in the movie 

Sully,  Tom Hanks gatecrashed into a wedding photography scene on Saturday. It wasn't so much of a crash as it became the hilight of the Ryan and Elisabeth's wedding. The newly wedded couple took pictures with the Hollywood movie star who was the lead actor of many movies, including The Terminal and Saving Private Ryan. Look's like Hanks took up the responsibility of saving Ryan all too seriously.

A video has also been released by First Day Films. He even took a selfie with them and cracked a joke about being an option for officiating their wedding as he said "if the other guy cancels" since he is an ordained minister.

As he posted a picture on Instagram he conveyed his blessing to the couple stating "Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx"

Here the video if Tom Hanks crashing Elisabeth and Ryan's wedding photoshoot:

Apart form Hanks, many celebrities have previously crashed wedding by accident, here are some of their stories:

1. Beyoncé and Jay-Z



The music industry's power couple were on a holiday in Italy when they decide to pop into a church only to realise that there was wedding taking place. Needless to say they became the added jewel to the event.

2. Justine Biber and Selena Gomez 

Justin and selena

the duo was having a walk on the beach when they heard Justin's song One Less Lonely Girl blasting from the speakers. This drove them to go and have a look at what was happening and they ended up crashing the wedding and taking a lot of selfies with the couple and their guests.

3. Snoop Dogg 


As he was exiting a hotel one of the halls of which were hosting a wedding reception, the wedding photographer's team member approached him and asked if he would take a few pictures with the bride and groom.

4.  Serena Williams 


This, too, was a beach scenario (hence the gorgeous leopard print one-piece) but Serene didn't refrain for taking pictures with the bride on a beach in Miami.