Tom Hiddleston Appearance at Emmy Award 2016 After Recent Break Up With Taylor Swift

This is the first time Tom Hiddleston made a red carpet appearance after he and Taylor Swift ended their summer romance

Tom Hiddleston Appearance at Emmy Award 2016 After Recent Break Up With Taylor Swift

Not long ago relationship goals were being made taking inspiration from the singer Taylor Swift's and actor Tom Hiddleston's relationship, which Taylor rushed into all too quick after he break-up with Calvin Harris. Rumours were that they were spending time with each others families and that Tom was serious enough about her that he was soon going to to be popping "the question".



All of that came tumbling down when 

Teardrops on My Guitar singer Taylor Swift broke up with the actor who played the role of Loki, a villain in the movie Avengers. The reason is believed to be that their relationship was too "public" for Taylor to handle.

At the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, Tom Hiddleston was spotted alone on the red carpet, first time after his and Taylor's relationship turned out to be nothing more than a summer romance scene.

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Hiddleston was seen at the Emmy Awards 2016 in a black tuxedo. One of the source expressed their opinion to Daily Star saying "Taylor is still on the guest list. But everyone on Team Tom is hoping and praying that she'll do the decent thing and stay at home and watch it on TV for his sake.".

On the other hand, though, Tom Hiddleston stood on the red carpet last evening and bravely confirmed that Taylor and he were still on good terms.

68th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 18 Sep 2016

At the awards he was often spotted with his co-star on the show Night Manager, Olivia Colman, who attended the Emmys in an elegant red gown.

Although he also posed with Hugh Laurie, most of Hiddleston's attention was observed to have been directed toward a mother of two, Colman.


Olivia seemed comfortable with the arrangements and went with the flow as Tom accompanied her through most parts of the evening, or at least in front of the paparazzi.