Top 5 reason why people get Puffy Eyes in the morning

Find out what are the reasons behind puffy eyes and ways to take precautions against them...

Top 5 reason why people get Puffy Eyes in the morning

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1. Lack of sleep

We know that you are quite aware of this already. The loss of a good night’s sleep can make your eyes appear swollen and baggy in the morning. Not to forget, especially if you are stressed out. When we are under stress, cortisol from adrenal glands is released which changes the salt balance in your body. When your salt balance is off, it affects your ability to retain water. Check out the
bedtime habits that will help you sleep better.

2. Thyroid Problem

Puffy eyes could be a side effect of many severe health issues. There are patients with some kinds of hyperthyroidism that can possibly thicken the fat around their eyes, causing eyes to look puffy. Apparently in lupus, dermatomyositis, and other tissue diseases that are connective, shows puffy eye lids.

3. Previous night's food consumption  Image result for sleeping while drinking

A high-sodium food or an over-intake of alcohol in the previous night will wake you up with puffy eyes. Eating lot of salt containing food can cause your body to retain water resulting in puffy eyes. Alcohol is one of the main dehydration culprit. It makes the skin under your eyes sense thinner. As difficult it may sound, avoiding food that are high in sodium, (fast foods) and alcohol intake will help to decrease puffiness below eyes. Increase your water intake to eliminate the bad fluids in your body system.

4. Crying your eyes out

Puffiness of eyes from shedding tears is the result of your eyes’ lacrimal glands operating overtime to produce tears. The gland is agitating tears in which the fluid is less salty and more of water. These differences of salt concentration in tears and the surrounding tissues lead to swelling of the eyelid.

5. Allergy

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Puffy eyes are a common indication that is associated with allergies that occur seasonally. When your body is having some allergy, it releases histamine into your system. For some, the histamine is released into the skin, causing a reaction around the eye area.

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