Top 6 exercises to help lose weight fast

Everybody wants to loose weight and stay fit. But most of us are not aware of those exercises that would help us stay fit. Here are six exercises that would help you to loose weight fast. There is no shortcut to reduce fat.

Top 6 exercises to help lose weight fast


We all want to lose weight and stay fit. Some of us do regular work out and trim down body. But few others are in a dilemma as to what are the best ways to reduce weight. Exercising burns calories and builds muscle, which is essential for increasing your body metabolism. Here are six exercises that you can do everyday to shed down your weight and thus stay fit and healthy.

Kettle bell


Kettle bells are made out of cast iron and are fitted on to a single handle. These are not like the traditional handheld weights, the weight of these are not evenly distributed which means that your body has to work to stabilize you and also to balance the weight of the ball. This not only burns up to 400 calories in just 20 minutes but also improves balance and posture. It is ideal for all major muscle groups, and also helps in stabilizing muscles. This helps burn body fat faster and will help to enhance pumping of heart. For cardiovascular benefits, calories burned 20 minutes in kettle bell workout is equivalent to a six - mile run.



Running is one best exercise for weight loss as it burns about 600 calories per hour and helps to build strong bones and connective tissues. It helps the heart to pump at a healthy rate and also helps prevent heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. It is not an expensive form of exercise as it requires only a good pair of shoes and this would protect your joints. Running at top speed usually between 30 seconds and two minutes will help to burn more calories than what you burn in a daily run.

Cross fit


Cross fit is very effective as a problem with this form of exercise is that only those who had been working out regularly for a few months can only do this form of exercise. Cross fit is a type of workout which involves weight lifting, endurance exercises, plyometrics, strength and speed training. Unlike other forms of exercises, cross fit brings together many into one intense, fat burning work out. A good example for a Cross fit routine exercise is five repetitions of 20 pull-ups, 30 push-ups, 40 sit-ups and 50 squats, all performed one after the other, with a three-minute break.



In terms of its cardiovascular benefits and calories burned, 10 minutes of skipping is equal to an eight-minute mile run. An hour's skipping burns almost 800 calories and strengthens arms, legs, bones and joints. This highly intense activity also helps in improving coordination and endurance.

Push ups


This magical exercise burns up to 100 calories with 50 push ups. It's highly effective for building muscle of your abs, chest, shoulders, triceps, lower back and glute. Your should take push ups slowly as this would help maintain full control of your movements . If you are too fast, your muscles won’t benefit from it and face the risk of injury.



Yoga helps to reduce weight. Studies have found that yoga brings down levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity which helps your body to burn calories instead of storing it as fat. Yoga helps in weight loss and also helps in firming up your arms, legs, butt and abs.

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