Nadia Murad, who escaped ISIS sex slavery, to be UN goodwill ambassador

She was earlier nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts

Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who escaped from Islamic State (IS) militia has been appointed as goodwill ambassador by the United Nations on Friday. Nadia Murad was trafficked and gangraped by the IS for three months before she finally managed to flee from the militia to tell her horrendous tale to the world.

She was earlier nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts. Now she will represent the UN to uphold the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking.

Murad’s “appointment marks the first time a survivor of atrocities is bestowed with this distinction”, the UN said in a statement.

Murad became a captive by the IS in Iraq in 2014. She lost six of her brothers when the IS purged the Yazidi’s considered as heathen by the outfit.

The 23-year-old told the BBC that IS members tortured and sexually abused her.

“Under their rule, a captured woman becomes spoils of war if she is caught trying to escape. She is put in a cell and raped by all the men in that compound. I was gangraped, ” Murad narrated her ordeal under the IS.

She added that she was bought like a cattle by IS members many times until she finally made her way to freedom.
Since her escape, she joined the international team advocating for women’s rights to find a solution for human trafficking.

The UN said Murad’s ambassadorship “will focus on advocacy initiatives and raise awareness around the plight of the countless victims of trafficking in persons, especially refugees, women and girls”, reported BBC.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, US Ambassador Samantha Power and attorney for Murad, Amal Clooney, will attend Murad’s induction ceremony at the UN later.