'Unblushed' Video: Amitabh Bachchan Addresses Challenges Faced by Modern Women

In a thought provoking video "Unblushed" Amitabh Bachchan gives a voice to all the modern day women who are facing challenges in their daily lives. "Unblushed" had gone viral in social media since its release

Before Amitabh Bachchan's Bollywood movie Pink hits the screens this year, he has featured in an intriguing video titled Unblushed that addresses some of the serious concerns regarding women in the society. In the video Unblushed, Amitabh Bachchan lends his voice to modern day women from different walks of life.

He does a voiceover of women in different professions, including successful HR heads, teachers, mediapersons and women travelling alone using public transport.

The video is produced by Blush and focuses on sacrifices and compromises that women are forced to do in the society that judges them and threatens them in their lives - be it their personal or professional lives, women suffer different challenges at every turn. Bachchan is also seen to be breaking stereotypes as well as shedding light on some extremely disturbing pressures faced by women in the society, as he makes following compelling statements on behalf of the women in India:

"Bas yaar, one more year of work and then marriage and settle down".

"Han media se hun, single hun, lekin aap ko koi problem nahi hogi. No late nights, no men, no loud music or rent phi hamesha time pe dungi".

"I know you and him are both VPs now, but the salary structure cannot change. It's HR policy, I hope you understand".

Many such snippets extracted from the everyday lives of a women have been compiled and presented in this video.

However, there is no surprise that this video is made prior to the release of the movie Pink, which addresses similar situations, in order to publicise and promote the movie in good light and convey to the audience that this video 
is a 3-minute representation of the topic that the movie will be covering. The video has become viral on the social media and has been trending with the hashtag campaign "#AbSamjhautaNahin", which translates into "no more compromises".

Have a look at the video:

This is not the first Unblushed video produced by Blush. It has produced several such videos featuring celebrities such as Kalki Koechlin and Nimrit Kaur that addressed other issues of the modern day woman.