US Air Strikes in Syria Kill around 80 Syrian Soldiers

Two F-16s and two A-10s Warthogs of the US army carried out the air strikes on Syrian soldiers at 5 pm local time, confirmed Russia

US Air Strikes in Syria Kill around 80 Syrian Soldiers

A Britain-based monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, citing local sources have confirmed that on Saturday the US army attacked areas of  Deir Al-Zour Airport where Syrian soldiers had been positioned.

Around 80 Syrian army personnel were dead in the air strike.The attack was initiated by the US at 5pm local time. Two F-16s and two A-10s Warthogs were used for attacking says Russian Major General Igor Konashenkov.

Soon after, the Pentagon also confirmed that their military may have conducted an air strike in an area with Syrian army in the premises. Although the American Military has defended by conveying that the strikes were brought to a halt as soon as they were informed by the Russian officials that the area of Deir Al-Zour Airport has a presence of Syrian army.

The US military centre also pointed out in one of their statements that Deir Al-Zour has been  previously attacked by its army before, and the Russian counterparts had been informed of the same, prior to the attack. The Observatory points out that the Russian forces, too, have been attacking in the same area since a long time now.

Officials of the airport informed that the Observatory has stated that this strike has paved the way for the Daesh to occupy the Jebel Tharda area of Syria.

However, the airport officials said the number of Syrian soldiers who lost their lives in the air strike was 62, citing the Observatory.

Russia has been one of the strongest allies of Bashar Assad’s government in Syria. The Russian forces have been consistently supporting the government and undertaking air strikes in tensed areas of Syria on behalf of Bashar Assad.

Russia and United States have cooperated with each other and have been attacking in the region since Monday. These vigorous attacks have been taking place continuously even though many violations are being made during the attacks.