Watch live: Apple iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 launch from California

For the the time being as the most anticipated event - launch of the Apple iPhone 7 one is keen to know where its is shown live . And find out which sides are doing live Blogs of the said event. The Live blogs will bring minute by minute updates.

Rumoured I Phone 7

As the Apple iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 plus and Apple Watch 2 are just hours away from being showcased to the world audience, there is tremendous buzz and curiosity as to what all features the new iPhone models will offer to make it stand out in the already busy smartphone  market.

The big question is with rival Samsung breathing down its neck in the smartphone segment, Apple has its task cut out with the ambitious iPhone 7. Will it be able to stop the slide of the iPhone in recent times? It remains to be seen.

Ahead of the launch, Apple seems to have got a slight edge after reports came that Samsung had to withdraw its Note 7 series because of battery safety issues . This could give a fillip to Apple  in the coming days.

For the time being as the most anticipated event – launch of the Apple iPhone 7  – one is keen to know where it will be shown live and find out which sites are doing live Blogs of the said event. The Live blogs will bring minute by minute updates. You can watch the live event here. You may also follow our live blog available on the Home page for all the updates. You may bookmark the site.

According to media reports coming in there is plenty of speculations as to how the Apple iPhone 7 will eventually look like . A look fairly similar to their predecessors, the 6s and 6s Plus is  quite a possibility , if the consistent leaks from Apple experts and the supply chain are anything to go by. Moreover, there is also  strong rumour that the company is likely to drop  the 16GB and 64GB models and add a mega monstrous  256GB variant.

iPhone 7 is expected to come in five color options including the usual silver, gold, and rose gold, along with a “dark black” or “blacker black” replacing the usual Space Gray. A new fifth color Kuo describes as glossy “piano black” will also be offered. Improved IPX7 water resistance matching that of the original Apple Watch and making the device suitable for splashes, showering, and even brief dips in water up to one meter deep.

Watch this space for more….