Watch Video: Don't vote for Donald Trump say Hollywood Celebrities, but why?

Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson and many other celebrities have come together to convey their fans the importance of voting and specifically the importance of not voting for Donald Trump

Watch Video: Don

Joseph Hill "Joss" Whedon put together a teams of renowned celebrities in America and got them to convey the various messages on the importance of voting and voting for the right candidate. The team of 27 celebrities that he put together included, Robert Downey Jr., Jesse Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Neil Patrick Harris, Julianne Moore, , Don Cheadle, Martin Sheen, James Franco, Cobie Smulders, Keegan-Michael Key, Leslie Odom Jr. and  and  Mark Ruffalo.

In the video celebrities have also justified the reason as to why they are making the video: Because the "issue truly matters" to all the celebrities featured in the clip and because "a shit-ton of famous people" are capable of influencing a larger audience due to their "their unpolished sincerity" and fame.

Even though the famous faces didn't name Donald Trump, they most defiantly shamed him by describing his personality as "a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society" executed by Cheadle.

Odom Jr.added to the statement by asking a rhetorical question "Do we really want to give nuclear weapons to a man whose signature move is firing things?"

The video had originally been posted on the website
. Through this website, the team wishes for US citizen to learn about importance of voting, the reasons they shouldn't vote for Donald Trump, the process of voting and more.

In a hilarious conclusion celebrities have also promised that Mark Ruffalo, who played the role of Hulk in the Avengers movies, will be doing a nude scene in his next movie if the viewers register to the website and vote for the right candidate. Basically, if the Republican presidential nominee Donal Trump won't come into power because of the US citizens voting against him, Mark Ruffalo is going to be seen butt naked in whichever movie he does next.

Within a span of 4 days, this video has received a viewership of over 6 million views and the its on a rise.