Watch Video: Justin Bieber Attacked with a Bottle at a Club in Munich

The singer of "Sorry", Justin Bieber was attacked at a club in Munich with a bottle of alcohol

Last Friday, 23 September 2016, the 22 year old singer of the song What do You Mean?, Justin Bieber, was attacked at a club in Munich, Germany, with a bottle of alcohol.

A source who was present in the club at the time of the attack, told TMZ “The man was trying, but failing, to get Justin’s attention all night and once they came face-to-face he decided to lunge at the singer.”

In the video, although the attacker has not been captured, it is clearly seen that Justin Bieber had been pushed by him. Bieber’s business parter, with Lebanese origins, John Shahidi can also be seen securing Justin Bieber’s position away from the attacker. Eye witnesses from the club have also reported that after distancing Bieber from the attacker, John pinned the latter down to the ground.




The video also shows a woman, Fräulein, dressed in German beer wench outfit, immediately escorting the singer out of the site of attack, into a private arena. The woman is also seen pushing away the attacker’s hands, as he tries to catch hold of Justin’s neck.

Throughout the incident, as surprised as Justine looked, he kept his cool and let John Shahidi and Fräulein guide him through the scenario.


Justin has been in the limelight for quite some time, while at first there was news about his blooming romance with Sofia Richie, due to which he took the risk of losing his fans as he deactivated his Instagram account demanding privacy, then there were rumours that things between him and Sofia had come to an end and now, the attack in Germany.

There hasn’t been much discussion about whether Justin will take legal actions against his attacker. Had the bottle hit and hurt the renowned singer, the attacker might have had to face charges of attempt to murder, which would have landed him into an ugly situation. However, as of now, there is no such update on the news.