Watch video: Kerala student Leader runs from lathi Charge, trolled online

A student leader from Kerala, Jifri Thangal would have never thought that he will be the "MOST FAMOUS CELEBRITY" on social media as Jifri's great escape from police lathi charge appeared in visual media

Watch video: Kerala student Leader runs from lathi Charge, trolled online

Muslim Students Federation (MSF) leader Jifri Thangal, became the most "MOST FAMOUS CELEBRITY" on social media, after visuals of his great escapade from police lathi charge appeared in visual media. Jifri's great escape act at a recent protest march organised by MSF in Calicut reminded of the Sathyan Anthikad movie's character Ayamanam Sidharthan immortalised by Fahadh Faasil in the film 'Oru Indian Pranayakadha.'

The MSF led the march to the office of the Deputy Director of Education to raise their voice against delay in distributing textbooks in state schools, which later turned violent.

In the protest march, MSF leader Sayed Sharafudheen Jifri Thangal, said that violence is not MSF's way and that they will respect law. He also said that MSF won't turn away from the protest untill all textbooks are distributed.

But this statement later proved to be ironic, as he did just the opposite of what he spoke. Though he said that they won't turn away from the protest, what actually happened was when he sensed a lathicharge, he just ran away from the scene, with out even bothering to looking. Jifri, soon became the most discussed personality in social media, as his act proved that famous director Sathyan Anthikad was absolutely right in his film about the future of young politicians.

Here are some visuals of Jifri's escape, which match up with Fahadh's scenes from the film:

runnetarun (3)

fahad run

All around the world, Malayali's enjoyed this video as Jifri reminded them of Fahadh Faasil's epic run in 'Oru Indian Pranayakadha'.

Fahadh portrayed the lead character, Ayamanam Sidharthan, an upcoming young politician who is running for his life when a peaceful protest turns violent and the police orders a lathicharge.

Unfortunately for Jifri, this epic run was telecast in most of Malayalam TV channels. He himself would have never thought that, immediately he would turn out to be the "MOST FAMOUS CELEBRITY" on social media.

The video was put out by Reporter TV on their YouTube channel and has by now gone viral on social media. This epic run was "well received" by Malayalam trollers too.


Watch Video by the channel here:

Watch video of Fahadh character in the film:

The Reporter TV reporter signs off saying, "People are just sad that the Indian Olympics Association failed to spot and recognise such talent among us." If this politician had been sent for Olympics, he's sure to have broken Usain Bolt's unbreakable record.