Watch video of Kim Kardarshian getting attacked by Gigi Hadid’s attacker

Kudos to Kim's security for doing a great job!

Kim Attacked

Vitalii Seduik, the celebrity “prankster” who attacked Gigi Hadid last week in Milan is back with another of his prank, this time with famous reality show star Kim Kardashian West!

The prankster was caught on camera trying to kiss Kim’s buttocks as she was walking to a Balmain show in Paris.

Prankster on his act with Kim

Prankster on his act with Kim Kardashian

Fortunately, Kim’s longtime bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, quickly steps forward and blocks the prankster by tackling Sediuk to the ground.

Kim's security tackling Sediuk

Kim’s security tackling Sediuk


Sediuk taken over by the security

Sediuk taken over by the security

Kim thanked her security and tweeted:

But Sediuk has a different say. Check out his post on Instagram-

Watch the Video shared by StormShadowCrew:

Previously, Sediuk had attacked Gigi Hadid in Milan. Her mother Yolanda Hadid, had praised Gigi for the defence act by posting a picture on Instagram: