Watch video: Yamaha to unveil 2017 new Yamaha R6 on October 4

Yamaha has chosen the right time to unveil its new generation Yamaha R6 now.

Yamaha has come with a teaser of a new bike. It is believed to its new YZF-R6, it has been planning for 2017.

The clip also gives us the launch date of the bike on October 4 at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany. The new teaser comes only a few weeks ahead of two of world’s largest annual automobile shows and like Yamaha other manufacturers also began teasing their products now.

Watch teaser here:

Though, the teaser is not giving much details about the bike, it does gives us some glimpses into the bike .
But going by the view of the rider’s position, the soundtrack from its four-cylinder engine, it gives us feeling that t is indeed the new Yamaha YZF-R6.

Yamaha has chosen the right time to unveil its new generation Yamaha R6 now. Though the model got some minor changes in 2010, it still remains intact after 2008.
The new model is expected to carry forward the legacy of its earlier versions of R1 flagship.
It includes an angular design, and has exposed frame bits, split headlight, LED stoplights, a crossplane-crank engine, upgraded adjustable suspension and multiple driving modes.

To conform to the safety measures, ABS is being offered standard in Europe, as the strict regulations make the  device mandatory in the region.

But, it will be interesting to watch the reception for the new R6, as supersport bike sales have decreased in Europe over last last couple of years.

The bike’s engine note is very distinct according to latest reports.

It is something that Yamaha has always relied on in its models over ages.

Now, the speculation is that that if the untitled model is perhaps it’s much-awaited and revamped YZF-R6? As the dull market demand for its 600cc is affecting the company, it is banking on the new Yamaha R6 to make an impact in the market.

Lets wait until Yamaha officially launches the bike on October 4th, 2016.