What are the limitations of home work-out?

That depends of the equipment. If you have the same equipment and you don't need people around you, your home could be better than the gym, because you could train at any hour any day while a gym is closed and because you could follow your own system of training without critic eyes watching your strange exercises.

What are the limitations of home work-out?

  • Lack of constant motivation.

  • Lack of equipments

  • Lack of training environment

  • Lack of trainer.

The only main limitation is equipment. Even this is a matter of space and money and limitations set by people you live with.

Limitations such as motivation, training environment, and having a trainer have nothing to do with lifting at home. If you lose motivation from working out at home then you were going to lose motivation anyway.

Body weight excercises can add great strength to a beginner, but EVEN FOR A BEGINNER bodyweight wont add large amounts of mass EVEN WITH PROPER DIET. Simply because it doesnt cause enough muscle damage to build significant muscle tissue when repaired.

The biggest limitation will be benches and squat racks. Those take up space and they also cost a lot. But if you can have a space for home gym with these two equipments along with a barbell with weights, you really don't miss much from the real gym maybe except for motivation and environment.

If you get the equipment, there really aren't limitations. You do need a power rack, a barbell, a bench and weight plates for the barbell, though. But once you have all that, you are pretty much set. You can build your own deadlift platform for a relatively low price, almost free depending on how you build it and how much material you have.

As for the lack of motivation and other things people bring up... learn not to rely on that. Other people are nice, but not necessary. You need to be your own motivation, even if it's hard in the beginning. That way, not only will you be more stable and achieve more, you also won't depend on anyone. It is a win-win situation, if you can manage it.

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