What not to eat after working out at the gym

If you want to maintain all the hard work you have done in gym, then do not commit these 5 post-workout eating mistakes ever!

What not to eat after working out at the gym

Post workout Eating

1. Eating Too Late After The Workout

There exists an Anabolic window. If you aren’t eating right quantity of food after your work out sessions then you are missing out the gains. During the post-workout stage, your body is most determined to absorb and locate the nutrients. If you are trying to gain muscles, it’s a perfect time for the intake of carb as the glycogen stores are washed away. But don’t just eat anything, eat clean.

2. Consuming so called 'Fat Free' Packaged Food

If your goal is to reduce fat or gain muscle, it is necessary to maintain dietary fats. It is not right to cut out fats from your diet completely. That would be absurd. Low fat diets could destroy the the body’s ability to burn fat. A lot of diets are fat soluble vitamins that are in need of fats to be absorbed. Little fat contents is good for you. Relish it!

3.  A Balanced Meal is needed, Post Workout protein can be added as supplement to solid food

A well balanced post-workout meal is just not enough.  Yes it is ideal to have a protein shake right after working out, but consider it only as a supplement add to your post-workout meal. If you are leaving out on eating solid food then it is mistake. Supplements only add on to the macronutrients which you get from actual food.

4. Lack of Diet Plan and nibbling throughout the day

 So here we go! Are you serious about the muscle gains or fat loss? Then you must have a diet plan. The workout session lasts for 48 hours only for the body. Feed it right or don’t expect anything on your body to look right.  This depends on how much you have trained yourself. Trained hard today? Well then eating as much as you like is indeed a foolish idea.

5. Overeating Or Under-eating

If you eat enough for fat loss or eat too much for muscle gain, you are wrong. Mark and set a dietary plan.  Have rough measurement on your food intake. You have to eat in order to shed weight and don’t need to fill your stomach just to gain weight.