What to expect from Fifty Shades Darker trailer

Do you want to find out more on Fifty Shades Darker, another steamy and dangerous version of�Fifty Shades Of Grey

What to expect from Fifty Shades Darker trailer


Fifty Shades Darker trailer has been out just now, and it promises much more fun and fireworks, including the masks, lot of sexy heels and their steamy sessions.

Fifty shades darker

The lead characters, Christian (Jamie Dornan) and Ana (Dakota Johnson) are back in the sequel that follows their debut movie (Fifty Shades Of Grey). There is some darkness lingering around in this part of the movie. Christian's stalker (Bella Heathcote) is an ex partner of Kim Basinger. Moreover, Ana has a touchy boss (Eric Johnson).

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What you can expect from the movie after watching the trailer:

  1. There is a Masquerade Ball scene, where the lead pair is seen attending and Ana storms out of the scene, while a blonde woman is covering her face with the mask as soon as she leaves.

  2. The woman asks Ana at the end of the trailer, "Do you think you're the first woman who's tried to save him?". So we can assume presence of another woman who will play an important role in the second part.

  3. Apparently, apart from the couple's kinky bedroom activities, they indulge in normal couple-like adventures such as sailing, and Ana demands no more secrets! Or is it just a curtain raiser for the beginning of revealing the secrets?

  4. In the trailer, Ana is seen reading a file with her picture attached and look horrified. There are scenes where a dark haired young woman appears and glares at Ana and  then just disappears.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480"] Kim Basinger Will Play Christian Grey's Ex-Lover[/caption]

This movie has drama, romance, erotic sessions and music! The trailer contains the mellifluous vocals of Miguel covering "
Crazy in Love."  
It reveals that Anna, played by a really uncomfortable looking Dakota Johnson, is not the only person who tried to save the heartthrob Jamie Dornan, who plays the sexy boss Christian Grey. He's a man who's very much tortured and he starts off their courtship by stalking and abducting her from friends. While the previous movie was not good enough to be an actual good movie nor bad enough to be ignored, the latest part seems like to take over the things.

Watch out the trailer filled with mysteries and of-course! Steamy sessions!