Why Apple iPhone 7 is cheaper than iPhone 6s

Find out iPhone 7 price in US and China. A Chinese website with a proven track record when it comes to leaking accurate information about Apple products has revealed that the iPhone 7 will be cheaper to purchase and come at a very competitive price when its launched in a week's time. ....

Why Apple iPhone 7 is cheaper than iPhone 6s

First the Wall Street Journal reported that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won't have the 16GB entry level model, instead the lowest storage on offer would be the 32GB model. Then, Chinese website Anzuo.cn which has had a proven track record as far as news on Apple iPhones go, reported that Apple will price iPhone 7 at the same cost as iPhone 6s.

However, according to the Chinese website Apple will be doubling the storage on the upcoming iPhone 7. The website also reports that there will be no 64GB variant and instead buyers will be offered an option between 32, 128 and 256GB storage models.

Anzuo.cn stated that Apple iPhone 7 will start at 5,288 Yuan for the entry level model and 6,088 Yuan, and 7,088 Yuan for the other two variants (HK$5,588, HK$6,388, HK$7,388). In American dollars, iPhone 7 would cost $649 (32GB), $749 (128GB) and $849 (256GB) and iPhone 7 Plus would be come at a price of $749 (32GB), $849 (128GB) and $949 (256GB).

With the iPhone 6s one needed to shell out a cool $100 to upgrade storage to 64GB. This means with 16GB now history in the iPhone 7 scheme of things, the arithmetic goes on to show that with the upcoming smartphone coming for the same price, Apple has slashed $100 off it. Same price, double storage - cool deal!!!

Wall Street Journal report revealed how Apple was able to keep the price of the iPhone 7 cheaper. Apple has bullied parts manufacturer in China (including Foxconn) into charging less, its report stated.

We are less than a week away to find out whether all the rumors and leaks about the new Apple iPhone are accurate or not. Apple will be launching the iPhone 7 on September 7, media reports have stated. In the run up to the launch, there will be many more revelations before the D-day. Watch this space for more on Apple iPhone 7.