Why in 2016 it's better be an iPhone user than of Android smartphone

There has historically been a war of sorts between the users of Android and iOS with each group claiming superiority over the other. At least 2016 has a clear winner.

Why in 2016 it

While Google has released the latest version of their smartphone operating system Android 7.0 Nougat, the fact of the matter is that many Android users may not even be able to upgrade their software at all. It has been reported that most Android smartphones in use may not be able to upgrade to Nougat. The blame lies with the manufacturer of handsets, the chip maker and Google itself.

Ars Technica reported that Android smartphones that have either Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 or 801 processor cannot be upgraded to Nougat. These "two chips powered practically every single Android flagship sold from late 2013 until late 2014, and a few more recent devices to boot.” It is certainly a big deal as in comparison Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 will support iPhone models as old as the iPhone 5. Mind you it's a four year old model.

Some Android flagships like ones by Sony Xperia and some models of the HTC won't be powered by the latest Android update. For users who spent a small fortune to purchase these devices it has got to be frustrating to say the least as they would now be stuck with outdated smartphones. But so has been the norm in the Android ecosystem. Except from Google Nexus smartphones, all other devices have had this lingering problem for nearly a decade.

"This past March, for example, iOS 9 adoption across all Apple devices reached a respectable 79%. In contrast, only 2.3% of Android users at the time were using Android Marshmallow… which was released around the same time as iOS 9," BGR reported.

This also is as a result of Android being an open platform for which it is usually praised. However, for this very reason, there is a possibility of all players not being on the same page resulting in such incidents. So this year, it is better off to be an Apple iPhone user than an Android smartphone user.