Why more Asians have a pot belly as compared to Europeans?

Genes have a big role to play in where the fat accumulates in the body of each individual. And there are some other factors as well...

Why more Asians have a pot belly as compared to Europeans?

Ever wondered why Asians have more fat around their waist as compared to the Europeans. Here are some points to remember as to what is the actual reason that is leading to the building up of fat around the waistline:

1) The consumption of white rice as well certain refined grains  is a major culprit behind increasing the fat around the waist . As we all know, white rice is an inseparable part of the Asian diet. On the other hand, Europeans seldom consume white rice.

2) It has been found that unhealthy oils containing saturated fats as well as trans fats (palm oil) are used for cooking by Asians. Whereas, healthy olive oil is used by Europeans for cooking.

3) Asians rarely adopt a lifestyle that includes physical exercise. Due to the developing changes like modernisation and urbanisation , people don't have time for a small walk or any kind of physical exercise. But, Europeans in spite of their age, whether old or young , make it a habit to spend a few hours for physical activity.

4) The over consumption of fast food by Asians when compared to Europeans  is also another reason.

Once we take all these points in account, then it becomes clear that one can avoid a pot belly by choosing the right diet as well as physical activity.

The above said points not only increase the fat around the waist area but also give rise to the most common lifestyle disease 'diabetes'.

Studies have proved that 60'per cent type 2 Diabetes is found to be more common in Asians than Europeans. It has also been found out that South Asians are more diabetic which maybe due to their lower muscle and high abdominal fat due to which such people show a high insulin resistance and, hence ,the diabetes will be high.

Various studies like imaging of human body found that an Indian with an ideal BMI (body mass index) has more fat around the organs and belly region when compared to Europeans with the same BMI. So now Indian doctors have advised healthy looking patients with ideal BMI to measure their waist circumference too to detect the chance of diabetes. The ideal waist circumference that should be maintained by an individual should be 90 cm for men and 80 cm for women.

So, all guys out there who have an ideal BMI should remember to measure their waist line too to rule out the possibilities of diabetes.