10 new Apple iOS10 iMessage App features that will change how you text

It's never to late to learn a few tricks that you can do on the new iMessage iOS 10 update.

10 new Apple iOS10 iMessage App features that will change how you text

Apple's iMessage application iOS10 has received many negative responses and reviews, especially on security issues. Putting that aside, the new features that Apple has embedded into the iMessage 1OS 10 update, has taken the messaging game to an all new level. Some even claim that iMessage is an insight into the future of texting.

Apple has a strange humour, when it comes to introducing new features in its applications. Some, are right out there, showing themselves off to the users and some are hidden all too finely for one to find out without any effort.

Although many weeks have passed since the launch of iOS 10, but it's still not too late to find out if there is something that you missed out about the iMessage.




Let's learn about the most fun-filled part of the new iMessage, the visual effects. iMessage now allows you to send screens full of confetti to the ones you message. You can also send them some floating balloons, fireworks and laser effects. All you got to do is press the send button for a longer period of time, or press the 3D Touch send button (if you iPhone has the aforementioned feature)

2. Bubble Effects 

The visual effects don't just end at screen effects. To make you conversations a tad bit more lively and entertaining, you can press the send button for longer than usual and choose the bubble effect option. Within the bubble effect there are varieties of bubbles that the messages can be sent in, according to the tone of the message. Slam, invisible ink, loud and gentle are some of the options to choose from.

3. Respond Back Without Typing


If you're one of those people who constantly have to say that you didn't have the time to text back, to the point that people have started to believe that you're avoiding them, all you have to do is long press the message you wish to respond to and choose from the emoticons present, to send through the signal that the message has been read and your response to it.

4. Handwritten Texts 


If you're slightly old-school and prefer writing over tapping the touchscreen keypad, Apple Messages offers you a choice to personally write your messages. Turn on the landscape mode on your iPhone while you're on the message app, be sure to unlock orientation. Messages will then enable you to write texts with your own hands. Suppose you're handwriting isn't all roses, fear not! Apple has some pre-hand written messages that can be used, as well.

5. Stickers! 


Who doesn't lose lively stickers? But they are everywhere, right? Facebook and Snapchat, so what's so cool about the stickers on Apple iMessage? Well, for starters, they are in plenty. The variety of stickers that iMessage offers, are pretty much endless. Also, you maybe able to buy stickers of your favourite celebrity on Apple, some renowned personalities only collaborate with Apple to release their personalised stickers.

6. Autocorrect through Emojis 


There is no denying that emojis have become somewhat of a text in itself, when it comes to delivering messages. As a matter of fact, these emojis help enhance the tone of the messages. In iMessages, you can now substitute the words that you type with emojis. Much like autocorrect, iMessages, are going to provide you with suitable emoticons to replace your words with.

7. Sending GIFs


Pictures are old school and videos are too time consuming, so what's a better option? GIFs! and iMessages allow you to do just that. Especially, in the day and age when memes have been accepted as a social culture, send fun GIFs, makes the conversations, all the more interesting.

8. "Read" 


If you wish to avoid the hassle of having to explain yourself for avoiding someone, then the option of customising the conversations in a manner that the information about you having read the message comes as a boon to you. Suppose you're in an official environment and wish to block out your personal and social life until you get some work done, you can keep the business related conversations on a mode so as for them to see if you have received the message and hid the same information from the rest, and vice versa.

9. Just a Touch 


There are certain features that can be activated just by touching the screen in a certain manner.

  • Tap the screen with two fingers and you'll be sending them a kiss

  • Hold the the screen with two finger and you can send them a beating heart

  • Touch the screen for a longer period and then drag down to convey that you're broken hearted

  • Touch and hold the screen with one finger to send them a fireball

All you have to do is activate Digital Touch. There are two ways to activate it, you can pick whichever works best for you, either choose the heart app on your screen "A" which is located between the camera and the App Store, or you can select the ">" option which you will find next the the message app.Once the black screen appears, well, the iPhone is your playground. You can even sketch, click pictures and make 10 seconds of videos.

While the Messages app deleted the video after two minutes, to store the same you simply have to press the "Keep" option and the video will be stored in your phone.

10. Mute! 


Much like Whatsaap, if you wish to mute certain conversations, feel free to do so, because you can! Select the message thread, press "i" in the top right corner and select "do not disturb", avail the blissful peace that follows after you've muted the conversation you wanted to become a part of.