200 Donald Trump Supporters Walk out of Amy Schumer Show After Her Rant

Amy Schumer's anti-Trump rant not only received innumerable boos, but 200 of the attendants walked out of the show

200 Donald Trump Supporters Walk out of Amy Schumer Show After Her Rant

Fans had gathered in thousands at Tampa Bay, Florida, on Sunday, eager to watch comedian Amy Schumer perform. Famous for her up-front opinions on matters, the comedian, actor and writer Amy Schumer is held highly in the entertainment industry, which has enabled her to gather a large fan following.

However, many boos and jeers were heard from the crowd during her show in Tampa, after she took it upon herself to clarify that she is a solid Hillary Clinton Supporter, and went on an anti-trump rant. She even called up a Trump supporter on stage and asked him "orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster".

While she continued to make jokes about Trump she said "You know what I love? A famous guy that will just take me furniture shopping and just straight up grab my p****,".

She even made a sexual assault survivor stand in the crowd and asked her about her opinion of Trump.

Schumer conveyed "I know you're here to laugh but you know you choose your life. You choose what you want to do with your life. It's just too important so I going to spend like one more minute talking about it. You can go to the bathroom, or you can leave, whatever you want, but for five minutes I'm going to talk about stuff. It's up to you,".

Amy even instructed that those in the crowd who were heckling her must be thrown out of the show. Although, she lost 200 members from the audience due to her public declaration of hate for Trump, she thanked the other 8,400 people who stayed.

Although, there were others who don't necessarily support Donald Trump, but believed that she should have just stuck to her job of entertaining the masses rather than expressing her political stand, in a rather aggressive manner.

Meanwhile, here's how Twitter reacted to the news: