5 little-known tricks iOS 10 brings to Apple iPhone devices...

Here are some iOS 10 features on iPhone you can unravel once you update latest operating system.

5 little-known tricks iOS 10 brings to Apple iPhone devices...

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If you are are a tech freak, then you must must have already downloaded the Apple ios freely available over internet. However, there are many other features of the iphone, that might have escaped your attention. Here are some of those features, you can unravel once you update latest ios.

1. Send read receipts individually

Apple now gives iPhone users an option to select if a contact could see his read receipts or not once they receive your texts. Click on your messages> turn on a text thread> click “i” top right corner> turn on “Send Read Receipts” for that individual.

2. Unlock your phone by Touch ID or pressing Home Button


The "slide-to-unlock” feature is no more! Instead we have an option with the Touch ID. Sorry for those users using iPhone 5, 4s,4 as you have to press the home button which is commonly avoided since now the home button is for everything.  Follow these easy steps: Go to Settings> click General> Accessibility> click the Home Button>Place Finger to Open.

3. Here is where you parked your vehicle


Thank you iOS 10! Now we know where to look for our vehicle. A new feature, "Show Parked Location” will drop a pin on your vehicle on Apple Maps. You will get easy directions to reach your vehicle when you need it. Steps: Settings> Maps> Turn on “Showed Parked Location> Connect your phone to the car’s Bluetooth or the CarPlay stereo.

4. Magnifying glass feature mode


Eyesight troubles? Want to have a closer and a better look at something? Not your glasses but the new feature should help you. Ios 10’s new magnifying feature has the best zoom mode. Steps: Settings> General> Accessibility> Turn the Magnifier “On.”  You may also click your Home button three times for this feature to appear.  What's more? Click a better high-quality zoomed in photos as well!

5. Unsubscribe from mailing lists with a click

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You and your mailbox are equally thankful for this option. Unsubscribe whatever address you want to from a mailing list. Click on the email and tap on the “Unsubscribe” option. It is located at the top left of your mail. Go ahead with adding as many annoying addresses!