7 best paid iPhone and iPad apps available for free today

Let's check out these 7 absolute free deals before they are out!

7 best paid iPhone and iPad apps available for free today

Here are some amazing interesting mobile apps that are up for grabs today.  Let's check out these absolute free deals before they are out!

1. Camtinerary:

It is useful and powerful travel app, can be used to view and share itineraries. It contains full info on hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and help to connect to Expedia, Michelin and TripAdvisor. It is usually priced at $1.99.

2. SayHi Translate

This simple but useful app comes handy when you are on a tour aborad or some serius business. It helps to make easy and ready translations for iPhone and iPad. It has about 100 languages/ dialects in store, what more you require?
Well, a review sums it all: “SayHi is THE interpreter in your pocket.”

3. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop for iPad

Splashtop is a quick way to connected to Mac or Windows PC using your iPhone and iPod! It is useful to get connected to one's computer on the local network, and ir provides best quality video streaming also.

4. Shadow Bug

It is nice game that helps to secure your garden from agents of the evil factory. ”Badland Meets Super Meat Boy” – says a review by TouchArcade.

5. GPS Speedometer

It has a GPS Speedometer, and a GPS tracker backed by a weather app. It is compatible with all iOS gadgets. The user can move screen to screen with just a flip of the finger. It can record the existing speed in miles, kilometers or knots and can find out the place's GPS Coordinates, and know our streets and other important locations.

User can either zoom in and out to change the speed and other settings in the map. It also provides info on daily temperature, current air pressure, humidity, precipitation etc.

6. Dream Days Until

It can track number of days and tell you how many days remaining in a month. Features include, countdown of days for special events in a month or year. Adjust days to sort events based on time.


It helps in creating useful gif. We can add any kind of text or add images from our cameras or from gallery or even from Apple emojis as its stickers.