Sunday, October 16th, 2016

A girl found dead in human-sacrifice in West Bengal

Narada Desk | October 16, 2016 12:57 pm Print
In a glance, it appeared to be a gruesome case of murder, but when looked at closely, it seems to be an act of human sacrifice.

In a district Medinipur of West Bengal, a horrifying case of human-sacrifice has been witnessed, which has terrified the locals. An unidentified 20-year-old girl has been sacrificed in mysterious circumstances in Gadkilla village. She was found nude with her head cut off in a farm of betel leaves. The police was informed, who then took over the body and started the investigation.

In a glance, it appeared to be a gruesome case of murder, but when looked at closely, it appears to be an act of human sacrifice. The body had bits and pieces of flowers, chandan, sindoor, etc which indicate human-sacrifice. Police suspects it too, because girl’s feet had aalta.

The owner of the farm, Chandi Manna, lives nearby and in his statement said that seeing the body in the morning, he was shocked just like everyone else. There was a general anger amongst the people, who asked police to follow the case strictly and punish the criminals in the harshest way possible.

Police have started the investigation with the help of its investigation dogs but haven’t been able to move much ahead in the case. Locals suspect that the girl had been brought and sacrificed in the farm. They add that girl might have been too terrified to shout as well because her screams would have been heard by the nearby locals.

Police is working on its investigation and trying to identify the body. Officials said that only after identification of the body, they can reach the root of the case. In the beginning investigation, it has been concluded that the girl had been brought from some other place. The head of the deceased girl hasn’t been found yet while the body has been sent for post-mortem. There has been no news of arrests as well.

Gadkilla village is well-educated and economically sound. It is also popular for its betel leaves farms.