A Kerala Judicial Magistrate facing allegations for abusing power to get dowry

Sameer, a first class judicial magistrate in Kerala, has allegedly framed several fake cases against Shihabuddhin, his father-in-law, to take revenge for the clashes he had with the latter in the name of dowry.

A Kerala Judicial Magistrate facing allegations for abusing power to get dowry

By  Prahlad Ratheesh Thilakan

A first class judicial magistrate of Kerala allegedly trapped his father in law in several fake cases to take revenge since the latter failed to pay the dowry, car and property he offered before the marriage. Shihabuddhin,  the father in law of justice Sameer, is now facing 18 cases registered in different stations across the state. His son-in-law has pushed his life into deep trouble by destroying his income, family, health and peace. Shihabuddhin, a kidney patient, is not even able to take proper treatment as he is compelled to travel most of the days from one court to another and one police station to another.

Shihabudin and his wife Naseema approached police stations many times. But they allege that police turned a deaf ear to the complaints against the magistrate.

Although Magistrate received a huge dowry, he is demanding for more and torturing his in-laws

Sameeer, a native of Pothankod in Thiruvananthapuram district tied the knot with Shihana on 13th June 2010. Shihana’s parents told Narada News that they gave 1,o80 g gold, Rs 10 lakh and a vehicle of Rs 10 lakh as the dowry to Sameer on the day of marriage. They accuse Sameer of not allowing Shihana to work even though she is an MBBS graduate. Succumbing to Sammer's compulsions, they had to hand over a commercial building with seven rooms costing approximately Rs 1.25 crore at their hometown,Kulathoopuzha in Kollam district to Shihana. They also bought household items including furniture to Sameer’s house. Later, Sameer sold off the car and demanded another one. Thinking of his daughter's safety, Shihabudhin approved that demand as well and bought a new car for Sameer. Then Shihabudhin was leading a decent business comprising of a home appliances shop and a medical store at Kulathoopuzha.

For last three years, the magistrate hasn't allowed Shihabudhin to see his daughter

Besides trapping her father in bogus cases, Sameer also hasn’t allowed Shihana to meet her parents for the past three years. The couple was not even informed about the births of their grandchildren. They haven't seen them yet. Once Shihabudhin and wife tried to visit Sameer’s home with the permission of his father to see their grandchildren, the magistrate allegedly manhandled them, and in addition to that, he also filed a case against the couple for trespassing.

Motivated by greed, Magistrate used his power to snatch his wife's assets

Problems worsened after Sameer sold off his second car gifted by his father in law. Shihabudhin told Narada news that he bought the car from his son-in-law once he came to know about Sameer's plan to sell it. Sameer tried to make problems when Shihabudin planned to sell the car due to a financial crisis. Though he managed to sell off the car, Sameer used the police to threaten him and the person who bought the vehicle. Sameer forced Shihana to file a case against her father alleging that he sold off the car without her knowledge and permission.

Though the property at Kulathoopuzha was registered in the name of his daughter, Sameer also was given the right to property. But Sameer started collecting the rent amount from the shops before the registration took place. The issues between Shihabudhin and Sameer aggravated after the latter tried to put up the property and the shop for sale. Shihabhdudhin gave nod for selling off them with a condition that the new property to be bought should be registered in the name of his daughter.

However, Sameer wasn't ready to do so. Sameer also asked his father-in-law to allow him to sell off the property and building at Kulathoopuzha to withdraw the trespassing case against him. Following the refusal to the demand, Shihabudhin and his wife had to spend one day in the police station in the case filed by Sameer. Moreover, he threatened Shihabudhin’s son and forced him to discontinue his LLB course.

Shihabudhin claimed that Sameer forced her daughter to register fake complaints against him. He has serious doubts over the safety of his daughter. He said that his family had no other way except committing suicide since he had been in a helpless situation. 'How could an ordinary person like me fight against a magistrate's power?' he asks in agony.