Ab ki baar Trump Sarkaar: Donald Trump

The 59-second video starts with a Happy Diwali message, and features clips from the recent Humanity against Terror rally organised by RHC

Ab ki baar Trump Sarkaar: Donald Trump

In the last attempts at winning United States Presidential elections, Republican Candidate Donald Trump’s campaign managers have released a video on Wednesday via Television and digital media that is aimed at wooing the Indian Hindu Community in the US.

In a report, Salabh Kumar, a Chicago-based Indian American Businessman and chairman of the Republican Hindu Coalition said that the video has been launched through the official Indian American Advisory Council of Trump campaign and is the first effort made by the US presidential candidate to exclusively reach out to the Indian Americans.

Republican Hindu Coalition hosted a fundraising event that was inaugurated by Trump two weeks back. Republican Hindu Coalition is an Indian American lobby group, launched last year. It claims to have raised over $1.5 million for Trump’s campaign.

The 59-second video starts with a Happy Diwali message, and features clips from the recent Humanity against Terror rally, organized by the RHC in Edison, New Jersey, where Trump said that he was a “big fan of Hindu” and lighted a ceremonial lamp. He goes on to say that he looks forward to working with PM Modi and that Hindus and Indians would have a good friend in the White House if he is elected. He also adds that India and America will be best friends under his Presidency. In the end, Donald Trump borrows PM Modi’s winning tagline and says, “Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar” and the video fades away to text which says "Great for America, Great for US-India relationship."

“This is a strong message and the first time that a presidential candidate in America is reaching out to Hindu Indian community exclusively. We also saw him at the RHC program where he addressed the community just three weeks before Election Day,” Kumar said to media. He has reportedly donated millions to Trump’s campaign.

“There are no issues with using our Hindu identity since Jewish Americans and many others too have powerful lobbies,” Kumar, who is a staunch supporter of PM Modi, said.

While today on Wednesday October 26, Lara Trump, Daughter-in-law of Donald Trump celebrated Diwali at a Hindu temple in the key swing state of Virginia as part of the Republican presidential nominee’s efforts to reach out to the Indian-American community. According to reports, she said that the relationship between India and the US is destined for a new height if her father-in-law is elected the next president of the US after the November 8 general elections. She went on to add that Trump has great love and affection for India and its people.

The Democrat Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton’s camp along with Trump’s camp are awaiting the D-Day which will decide the successor of President Obama to the White House.

In latest reports, CNN named this a close competition election, where Hillary has 49 percetn support and Trump is only five point behind with 44 percent of support.