Ae Dil.. row: Kejriwal lambasts Fadnavis, says "BJP will ruin the country"

He lashed at his Maharashtra counterpart for mediating the discussion between MNS chief and Bollywood producers over the ban of 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil'.

Ae Dil.. row: Kejriwal lambasts Fadnavis, says "BJP will ruin the country"

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal lambasted BJP on Sunday over the controversy on the release of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, which features Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.

Tweeting "BJP will ruin the country," Kejriwal condemned the role played by his Maharasthra counterpart Devendra Fadnavis in mediating between makers of the film and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray.

MNS earlier said that the party won’t allow release of any movie in India that features Pakistani artistes. Groups including MNS had threatened to disrupt the screening of Karan Johar film as it features Fawad Khan.

MNS Chief said the movie makers casting a Pakistani actor must contribute Rs 5 crore to the Army welfare fund, evoking widespread criticism from various quarters, including the Army.

Mr. Johar and producers of ‘Ae Dil…’ met MNS chief in a meeting presided by Maharashtra CM and the assurances given by Bollywood film makers not to engage with Pakistani artists in future cleared the decks for the film’s smooth release.

Opposition parties lashed out against Fadnavis also for falling in line with the tactics of MNS and failing to ensure rule of law in the state.

Cinema Owners Association of India (COAI) had declared not to screen the film in which Fawad Khan stars in a cameo role. The association later revoked the decision after a consent came out of yesterday's meeting.

Meanwhile, actor Shabana Azmi has also slammed Fadnavis' actions in a series of tweets saying, “What a sorry state of affairs!CM brokers deal n buys patriotism for 5 crores!After Home minister had promised peaceful passage 4 #ADHM.”

Taking on MNS,  Azmi wrote: “MNS will decide whether Im patriotic or not?I bow to d Indian Constitution Raj Thackeray does not.Whos patriotism needs questioning? (sic).”

Johar has now declared to put an homage in the beginning of the film mentioning sacrifices by Indian soldiers. It was a move to quell the uproar gained heat after Uri terror attacks and Surgical strikes by Indian army across LoC, media reports stated.